What are Building Regulations?


Sunrock Building Regulations

The UK’s Building regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. They are developed by the Government and approved by Parliament to ensure the safety and health for people, including those with disabilities, going in or about those buildings. They also help conserve fuel and power.

Enforced by building control bodies, you can either use approved inspectors or employ private building control firms. However, most people elect to use the expertise of their Local Authority Building Control or Inspectors department. They are there to protect you and your money from cowboy builders and unsafe practices.


Glass Balcony Guarantee


Sunrock Balcony



You can rest assured that as a national company with over 30 years’ experience, Sunrock Balconies are certainly no cowboys. We are experts in steel fabrication, glazing, and design. With regional offices throughout the UK we work on large commercial contracts as well as residential projects.

Because every planning authority is different, we would recommend you check with them before you start to design your balcony project. We can guarantee however, that all Sunrock Balconies, Balustrades and Juliet Balconies are designed, built and installed to pass UK Building Control regulations. So, as an example we follow the main regulations for balustrades below:


  • Balustrade will be minimum 1100mm high from Finished Floor Level.
  • At 1100mm height there is no more than 25mm deflection with a load of 0.74kn.
  • There will be no gap in the balustrade that a 100mm diameter ball can fit through.
  • If there is no handrail then Toughened Laminated Glass is used to provide a barrier if one of the panes are broken.


Glass Balcony Experts

The team at Sunrock will be happy to answer any questions at any time during your project. In addition, you will always be given expert advice, involving you at every stage particularly when decisions need to be made. Our team is professional, hardworking and reliable. At the end of the project we will hand over a tidy site, on schedule and in budget.

Let Sunrock Balconies make the difference you are looking for – add style, function and appeal to your home and bring the outside into your home today. Get in touch. We’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a job you have in mind.

This week is all about love. Along with all the Valentine gifts and cards exchanged, it’s a foregone conclusion that the famous meeting of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet at Juliet’s balcony will be quoted. But, the term ‘Juliet balcony’ will also be used in the context of home improvements and we’re certain you will fall in love with them too!


What is a Juliet Balcony?


In a nutshell it’s a shallow balcony or railing which is secured to the external wall and sits just outside a window, pair of French doors or bi-fold doors on an upper storey of a building. When you open the doors wide, the balcony provides a safety barrier to the outside allowing you to enjoy the interior space whilst at the same time allowing the outside in.


Let the light flood in with a Juliet Balcony


Traditional Juliet balconies were made from steel, usually painted black, with upright bars. Installed on the wall outside, it would work as a barrier but have a cage like feeling from both within the room and externally too.

Today, the addition of a Sunrock Infinity Glass Juliet Balcony works well with the trend for open plan living. Whilst this type of balcony does not extend the floor space of a property, it can help change how you use the space. With the replacement of small windows with larger French doors or bifold doors, the room is automatically flooded with light making it feel larger and more pleasant. The air floods in when the doors are opened and you achieve a safe unobstructed view due to the glass balustrade of the Juliet Balcony. Essentially it converts the room into an enclosed balcony, fantastic for warm and sunny days.



Are Juliet Balconies Cost effective?


A Sunrock Infinity Glass Juliet balcony will add a stunning design feature to your property and delivers an elegant solution to fully comply with UK Building Regulations. They are becoming a popular feature on old and new UK properties. The key reason for this is that can usually be installed without the need for planning permission which also negates the need for an architect. It should be pointed out though that all Sunrock Balconies are built to fully comply with Building Regulations.


Sunrock Juliet Balcony

Other options to a Juliet Balcony


Of course, Juliet balconies may not suit every property. If you have the space and budget, Sunrock would be pleased to look at alternatives such as full balcony with its additional benefits.

We offer lots of options in both full and Juliet balconies, so why not take a look at them here. Let Sunrock Balconies make the difference you are looking for – add style, function and appeal to your home and bring the outside into your home today. Get in touch. We’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a project you have in mind.

The use of glass has established itself as a key element of contemporary architecture of buildings.  As a result of new technology and innovation, sustainable products can be produced using glass. It’s these qualities that make it an attractive material to use in construction as well as it’s practicality.

Glass offers the open living that people want today. Being transparent, it offers a two way view giving a sense of space where living and outside areas become one divided only by glass. It is also a more stable and resistant building material which is easy to clean and maintain. Here at Sunrock, we use glass for balustrades and balconies to improve and enhance the style, function and appeal of homes and commercial buildings.

Sunrock glass balconyGlass Balconies

There is no doubt that a glass balcony is a great way to improve both the look and functionality of your outdoor area whether it’s a patio, deck or small garden. Made from galvanized steel with an infinity glass balustrade these are designed and built specifically to suit your property.




Sunrock glass floorGlass Floors

Letting more light into the area below your balcony is another way to create openness too. Glass floors with glass wells integral to the balcony decking is one option, while the other is an entire glass floor made from laminated toughed glass. All glass floors are available in a variety of shades; clear, tinted or privacy etched and all have spot grip pads added as a safety feature.



Sunrock Juliet balconyGlass Juliet Balcony

A glass Juliet balcony can turn what could be considered a boring and unattractive façade into something really spectacular.  They offer unbroken views from your patio doors, French windows or bi-fold doors so when they are opened the light floods in. All this, knowing it is also offers complete safe too.




Let Sunrock make the difference you are looking for – Add style, function and appeal to your home and bring the outside into your home today. Get in touch – we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a job you have in mind.

Measuring and installing Juliet balconies

Important information for measuring and installing Juliet Balconies

Installing Juliet Balconies

When requesting a quote / ordering

We are always being asked:

  • How do I measure the opening for a Juliet Balcony?
  • On the day of installation what requirements/access will Sunrock need

Image A shows where to measure on your window opening – it is the distance shown by the green bar, from wall to wall.

juliet balcony opening measurement

Installation guidelines

On the day of installation, we will require you to meet with the engineers and provide access to the house and a power supply.
For installation, we will require an area the size shown in picture B to position lifting equipment. This area must be clear, level hard ground, while central to the juliet being installed.

juliet balcony installation quidelines

In addition, we will require clear access to a suitable parking space for the safe movement of the glass.
If you have any concerns regading any of this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Sunrock Installation team installing a Side fix Infinity Glass Juliet Balcony

installing glass juliet balcony

glass balustrades parapet walls

Glass Balustrades for Parapet Walls

The Infinity Glass UP

Sunrock are introducing the ‘Infinity Glass Up’– a new Glass Railing System specifically for topping low parapet walls. Therefore providing unobstructed views from patios, terraces and balconies with a minimal base giving maximum viewing.

The Infinity Glass Up base that holds the glass is only 80 mm high, and can accommodate glass up to 800 mm tall. As a result, this makes it very unobtrusive, as a way of fixing infinity glass balustrades on parapet walls.

The almost invisible base shoe creates an effect that is airy and light, although the glass railing system is actually extremely robust. It can resist linear line loads of up to 0.74 kN/m and has approval according to BS 6180.

Easy Installation

The design of Infinity Glass Up makes it a straightforward installation. The lightweight base profile is easy to position, and Q-railing’s ingenious Safety Wedge system makes for rapid mounting of the glass balustrades. In fact, we can carry out the entire installation process from inside the parapet – no scaffolding required!

The Infinity Glass Up includes the top-mount base shoe, matching end caps, and rubber sets for different glass thicknesses. Sunrock will install your glass railing project with ease – with suitable anchors for fixing, glass panels and if desired a U-profile caprail for a refined top finish. The base is currently powder coated to RAL9006 (white aluminium effect) so no additional cladding is required.

glass balustrades for parapet walls

Designed for: Indoor and outdoor use
Varieties: Top mount
Applications: Balustrades for parapet walls
Material: Aluminium powder coated RAL 9006
Infills: Glass up to 800 mm high
Glass thickness: 12 to 17.52 mm
Top finish: Cap rail, u-profile or Edge Protection

Benefits of Infinity Glass Balustrades for Parapet Walls:
Minimalist: A slimline base that maximizes the view
Easy: All mounting and adjustment takes place inside the balustrade
Quick: Q-railing’s unique Safety Wedge system for fast glass installation
Safe: Resists linear line loads of 0.74 kN/m with glass 16.76 mm thick
and 800 mm high
Flexible: Suitable for glass 12 mm to 17.52 mm thick and up to 800 mm high
Customisation: Bespoke profiles on request

glass railings parapet walls

See our other options for Infinity Glass Balustrades

frameless glass balustrades abersoch

Sunrock frameless glass balustrades create first floor balcony patio area for Abersoch property.

The Sunrock Team install frameless glass balustrades on an area between the two wings of this house in Abersoch, on the Lleyn Penninsula.

The frameless glass balustrades are 17.5mm laminate toughened glass with stainless steel buttons to fix the balustrades to the building.
Most noteworthy, Sunrock offer a 5 Year guarantee on all glass, steel and fixings.

For more details please see our frameless Infinity Glass Balustrades

aerial view frameless glass balustrades abersoch

Frameless glass balustrades between the 2 wings are virtually invisible from above

flat roof balconies

Flat Roof Balconies

Utilising the space which a flat roof building provides for a balcony, can bring a new dimension to your home.

At Sunrock we have installed glass balustrades on many flat roofs to create stunning outdoor spaces for our customers.

With the addition to our range of the Infinity Blok fixing for glass balustrades, which allows water to run of a flat roof, here are some ideas for your flat roof.

We have just taken these updated images

flat roof balcony

an ariel view of the flat roof balcony

ariel view flat roof balcony

The balcony has infinity glass balustrades with a stainless steel handrail together with decking from Millboard. See balcony decking options.

Many flat roofs have a rubber membrane – see our article on how Sunrock solve the problem of how to fix balustrades to Firestone Rubber Roofing, a single ply membrane used to waterproof a flat roof.


roof top glass balustrades liverpool signature living

Roof Top Glass Balustrades Liverpool Signature Living

Sunrock Balconies are installing Infinity Glass Balustrades in Liverpool on the roof of one of the Signature Living Hotel Apartment Buildings
This is a work in progress, with these images of the frameless infinity glass balustrades taken in August showing the panoramic views that will be on offer.

Infinity glass balustrades Liverpool Signature Living

Corner view

rooftop glass balustrades Liverpool Signature Living
You can see more information on infinity glass balustrades or please contact us

infinity glass balustrades liverpool

New balcony with covered area in Liverpool

Sunrock Balconies are installing infinity glass balustrades on this modern stylish balcony with covered area in Liverpool.

The balcony is a raised patio area built on a beautiful brick base with very attractive brick and pale stone steps leading up to it.

glass balustrades raised patio steps liverpool

The balcony’s covered area attached to the house, accessed from the full width sliding french doors.  Because of this the balcony has shade if necessary and can still be used on inclement days.

The infinity glass balustrades are face fixed and have a stainless steel handrail.

balcony with covered area in liverpool
For more information on Infinity glass balustrades and balconies in and around Liverpool and the North West, please contact us or request a quote

the landscape show

Sunrock Balconies at The Landscape Show

Sunrock have a stand at the International trade exhibition The LANDSCAPE Show at Battersea Park, London on September 19th – 20th 2017.

Showcasing our Glass Balconies and Glass Balustrades for country homes to city apartments, seaside houses to holiday cottages, from urban lofts and public spaces to commercial buildings and luxury hotels…

The new sensation of the indoor-outdoor experience can relate to all types of living spaces.

A quote from the show’s website states:

The boundaries have been broken. With weatherproof rugs, outdoor kitchens, showers on the terrace and sofas in the garden, the indoor spirit is flowing through our outdoor spaces and creating a new focus for architecture and technology.

The Landscape show is a trade event for landscape architects, garden designers and contractors. Furthermore it is a place to network and source market-leading products like our balconies and balustrades to use in high end projects.

Sunrock Balconies at the landscape show


Barry and Barrie on the stand E61

Visitors to the show include Garden Designers, Landscape Architects & Contractors, Architects, Facilities Managers, Groundsmen & Councils, Event Florists, Creative Directors, Garden Centres, Contract Gardeners, Hotels and Interior Designers

Sunrock Balconies at The LANDSCAPE Show are manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke balconies, Infinity glass balustrading systems and Infinity glass Juliet balconies. In addition we are showcasing the latest types of glass and stainless steel fixings, handrails etc with decking from Millboard.

There are also many other exhibitors at the show, flag stones to furniture, conservatories, water features and sundials. While others are providing planters, orangeries, sculpture, soil, plants, paving, as well as lighting, heating, trees and tools.

For more information on Bespoke Balconies and Glass Balustrades please Contact Us