Balconies & Balustrades by Sunrock Balconies – 2013 News & Completed Balcony Projects


Sunrock at Swindon N S B & R C
Sunrock Balconies have a stand showing examples of their balconies and balustrades at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon. It is the UK’s only permanent centre for self builders & renovators – simply a must see, open for all to visit throughout the year
Sunrock Refurbish Balcony in Derbyshire
See before and after pictures of a balcony in Derbyshire refurbished by Sunrock Balconies. ‘Barbican’ glass balustrades with a wooden handrail in keeping with the house design. See Customer testimonial
Sunrock balconies stand at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon refurbished balcony derbyshire from Sunrock Balconies
Now Sunrock Balconies & Balustrades operate in the South West
We are again very pleased to announce the formation of Sunrock Balconies & Balustrades South West offering high quality infinity glass, glass & steel balconies and balustrades with full design and installation service in the South West of England and South Wales.
Steve and his team will be pleased to help with all of your enquiries.
Sunrock Self Build Glass Balconies
Sunrock Balconies offer self build kits for their glass and steel balconies. This house owner has created a magnificent ‘Barbican Balcony’ with timber decking and a Sunrock Stainless Steel Spiral Staircase to give additional access.
Sunrock Self Build Balustrades
Creating a balcony or replacing balustrades just got cheaper – Do It yourself with Sunrock Balconies Self Build Kits. Available in our ‘Barbican’ range of glass balustrades with stainless steel uprights, handrails and ecodeck.
Sunrock Self Build Barbican Style glass and steel balcony with timber eco deck and spiral staircase Self build balconies and balustrading from Sunrock Balconies
Glass Balconies in Bath
Sunrock Balconies South West have sympathetically installed a “Chelsea” style glass balcony on an old stone building in the historic town of Bath. With a timber hand rail and ‘eco deck’, they used glass rather than the usual steel slats of the ‘Chelsea Balcony‘ to construct this stylish balcony.
Sunrock Balconies and Balustrades in Lytham, Lancashire
An angled infinity balcony was created by Sunrock Balconies atop a stone mullioned window with infinity glass balustrading on the floor below creating another outside area overlooking the River Ribble and the Irish Sea
Sunrock Chelsea Style glass and steel balcony with timber hand rail and eco deck in Bath Sunrock angled infinity glass balcony and balustrades in Lytham
Balcony Face Lift at the SCYC Yacht Club Abersoch
Sunrock Balconies have installed glass balustrades with timber decking at SCYC
Sunrock Balconies supports the Abersoch 10k Run 2013
800 runners started the Abersoch 10k run this year. Sunrock Balconies supported the event
New Glass Balcony at SCYC Abersoch Sunrock Balconies 10k Run Abersoch 2013
Introducing Sunrock Balconies & Balustrades South
We are very pleased to announce the formation of Sunrock Balconies & Balustrades South located in Essex offering the same high quality balconies and balustrades design and installation service allowing us to more readily extend ourselves into London and the South of the country. Barry and his team will be pleased to help with all of your enquiries.
Etched Glass Balustrades by Sunrock Balconies
Sunrock Balconies have fitted a striking glass balustrade with four etched glass panels in Pontefract as part of major refurbishment work. Glass Balustrades
A Fitness Centre in Bolton has just installed Interior Glass Balustrades from
Sunrock Balconies who installed the glass balustrades with steel handrails and uprights to partition various areas within the Fitness Centre
Balustrades with etched glass panels Glass Balustrades inside Fitness Centre Bolton
Glass Balustrading with Steel Handrails and Uprights recently completed by Sunrock Balconies in Carlisle
Sunrock Balconies completed the installation of glass balustrading with steel handrails on the entrance to a Reception area in Carlisle. See our Glass Balustrading in the ‘Barbican’ style.
Glass and Steel Balustrading around Reception area Carlisle Balustrading with steel handrail up to reception area Carlisle