Do you know what a Balustrade is? If not, here’s the official definition from Google…..

balustrade definition

To be perfectly honest, you probably did know but frequently when customers ask us to quote for a balcony we find they’d actually like a quote for a balustrade. In other words, they’ve already actually got the patio, balcony, decking or flat roof and are looking for a barrier or railing to edge it.


Balustrade example

Example of our infinity glass balustrade.


Because these areas are unique to every property, our balustrades are produced specifically to fit them. So, every balustrade we produce is completely bespoke and the glass is only ever made for that particular project. Simply put, we make the balustrade to fit your balcony not your balcony to fit the glass we have in stock! This is the main reason we don’t sell balustrade kits to be fitted by builders or self-fitted.

Sunrock Infinity Glass Balustrades are beautifully engineered and ultra-modern. They can be completely frameless or can be built with a handrail… the choice is yours.  Either way, they deliver a wonderful feeling of space but also provide a safety barrier compliant with regulations.

Sunrock Barbican Balustrades are a stunning Stainless Steel post and clamp system with bag loads of configurations so we can fit to almost anything!

All our balustrades are supplied and fitted by our expert team with a two phase installation:

Phase 1: We fit track or posts and measure for glass

Phase 2: We return to fit the glass and finish off

Here at Sunrock Balconies our dedicated team of experts can help and advise you on all aspects of your project. Our aim is to help add function, style, and appeal to your home so get in touch, we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a project you have in mind.