A balcony is a balcony is a balcony… Or at least that’s what many assume.


But the truth is that there are lots of different kinds of balconies to fulfil a range of functions, beautifying your living space and allowing you to enjoy more outdoor space in your home where garden space is limited. A balcony is a wonderful place to grow flowers, herbs or even vegetables. You can lounge in your balcony while you watch the sun go down, or just enjoy your morning coffee al fresco. And when you’ve chosen the perfect kind of balcony for your home it can add aesthetic appeal and value. Let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of balcony structures…


Stacked balconies


The most common and popular balcony structure, it’s easy to implement while also having fewer structural load implications for the property. Indeed, stack balconies are technically separate structures. And on some occasions, they don’t even share a structural connection to the building itself. Balconies are stacked on top of one another over separate floors.

Balconies are conjoined by pillars which support the weight and transfer it to the ground. Concrete pads are usually cast below the balconies to better stabilise the structure.


Cantilevered balconies


Cantilevered balconies are very aesthetically appealing as they appear to defy the laws of physics. They protrude from the surface of the wall with no visible means of support. They can be made from timber, concrete or steel. These are more complicated and need to be planned further in advance than other kinds of structures. Unlike other balcony structures, they tend to have a very slight “bounce” underfoot. They typically have a maximum depth of 1500-1800mm. The lower the depth, the less movement users can expect underfoot.


Hung balconies


Hung balconies use stainless steel cables which bear some of the weight. These attach to a plate at the edge of the balcony which connects to the supporting wall via the cables at a 45 degree angle. The fixing at the wall makes the most of the available bolt strength with equal parts “shear” and “pull out” forces. While these balconies are less common, they have a distinctive look and great stability.


Faux / Juliet balconies


In researching a balcony for your home or business, you may hear the words “true” and “faux” balconies used. All of the above are considered “true” balconies. A “faux” balcony is one that has railings but no actual flooring. You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air, but you won’t have an actual space to move out onto. These are also known as Juliet balconies in homage to Romeo’s famous wooing of Juliet on her balcony in Verona.


Mezzanine balconies


Unlike the other entries on this list, mezzanine balconies are actually installed within your home. They usually consist of a large deck area with railings. They’re a great way to make the most of your vertical space and lend more usable space to your home.


Want to know more?


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Sipping cocktails from an outdoor pool, partying on a rooftop terrace, or simply relaxing in the garden with your family – a beautiful, uninterrupted view can transform each of these activities into something of an even higher class.


Big, bulky fencing and unsightly brick walls can have a disastrous effect on your attempt to achieve that all important uninterrupted view, but what is the alternative option that can allow you and your guests to fully appreciate the surroundings? You needn’t continue your search for even a second more, as glass balustrades are the ideal option to help you create the perfect open outdoor space that’s free of confines and borders.


Versatility of Glass


The versatility of glass balustrades make them a great fit for almost every location and style preference, adding quality and aesthetic value to any outdoor space within moments of installation. Designing the ideal entertainment spot that’s bound to wow your guests has never been so simple when you make the decision to incorporate glass balustrades, as they can be used for balconies and terraces that require a boundary for safety.

Not only will a glass balustrade keep you and your guests safe at such a height, it will also allow you all to see straight through for miles of uninterrupted views and endless sunlight. Utilising metal fencing or brickwork to create a border will knock several points off your properties aesthetic value, whilst also creating the atmosphere of a compact and claustrophobic space. You simply won’t be able to appreciate the surrounding areas of your property if you do not invest in the most suitable features, so don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong materials for your needs.

Uninterrupted Views


Sunrock Balconies glass balustrades uninterrupted views


If you have a garden or piece of land that backs onto your property which maintains pleasing views, having to erect a tall wooden fence to identify the borders of your home can have a terrible effect on the way that you are able to appreciate your outdoor space. Again, the feeling of confinement can be amplified with the use of bulky materials, yet glass balustrades offer a whole new aesthetic. Opting to utilise glass balustrades in your garden will allow you and your family to appreciate Mother Nature to her full potential, as uninterrupted views are easy when there’s no fencing or wall standing in your bath. Summer sun soaked barbecues and outdoor get togethers have never been so enjoyable with the addition of a jaw dropping view, so don’t let such a selling point go to waste by investing in the wrong perimeters.


Poolside luxury


Even the luxury of an outdoor pool can be upgraded by the use of glass balustrades, as an unspoilt view appreciated from the water can be a whole new experience without the usual unsightly fencing or brickwork. Nothing says opulence quite like a rooftop infinity pool perfectly partnered with a set of glass balustrades.


There’s no time like the present to invest in your wildest dreams. At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


Get in touch today and we will walk you through our hassle-free process. Why not call us on 01204 668 207 or send a message to info@sunrockbalconies.co.uk.  Further information about our full service range can be found on our website https://www.sunrockbalconies.co.uk/.