The use of glass has established itself as a key element of contemporary architecture of buildings.  As a result of new technology and innovation, sustainable products can be produced using glass. It’s these qualities that make it an attractive material to use in construction as well as it’s practicality.

Glass offers the open living that people want today. Being transparent, it offers a two way view giving a sense of space where living and outside areas become one divided only by glass. It is also a more stable and resistant building material which is easy to clean and maintain. Here at Sunrock, we use glass for balustrades and balconies to improve and enhance the style, function and appeal of homes and commercial buildings.

Sunrock glass balconyGlass Balconies

There is no doubt that a glass balcony is a great way to improve both the look and functionality of your outdoor area whether it’s a patio, deck or small garden. Made from galvanized steel with an infinity glass balustrade these are designed and built specifically to suit your property.




Sunrock glass floorGlass Floors

Letting more light into the area below your balcony is another way to create openness too. Glass floors with glass wells integral to the balcony decking is one option, while the other is an entire glass floor made from laminated toughed glass. All glass floors are available in a variety of shades; clear, tinted or privacy etched and all have spot grip pads added as a safety feature.



Sunrock Juliet balconyGlass Juliet Balcony

A glass Juliet balcony can turn what could be considered a boring and unattractive façade into something really spectacular.  They offer unbroken views from your patio doors, French windows or bi-fold doors so when they are opened the light floods in. All this, knowing it is also offers complete safe too.




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