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Does your home need a little more natural light? Are you looking to introduce a statement feature into your home?

Considering glass for your interior design is a bright and bold way to make these two things happen. Sunrock Balconies highlights how using infinity glass in interior design is a great way to make the most of your home.


Brighten Your Home With Infinity Glass


Infinity glass can bring natural light to small rooms, corridors and hallways in your home. There’s always one room in the house that sits in relative darkness – with infinity glass you can open it up to sunlight. Brighter rooms can seem more spacious and roomy, and natural light can bring out the best in even the darkest of colours. Infinity glass allows you to highlight the best of your home.


Make The Everyday A Statement


If you have a stairway or mezzanine level that needs a rail or wall, why not consider infinity glass? You’ll be taking a standard part of the home and making it a feature. Think of a glass infinity wall from your mezzanine where you can look out onto your open plan living room, or a glass-encased stairway rather than an obstructed view. Infinity glass takes the everyday and allows you to make a fun new statement that opens up your home.



Avoid Practical Restrictions To Design


Interior design is all too often faced with the restrictions of practicality. You may have to sacrifice a certain level of light in an interior room because you need a door. You might even be disappointed that the colour palette you choose for your home looks darker than expected. Infinity glass allows for a fun loophole to certain design restrictions, so you can keep the light levels, access routes and colour palette you intended from the outset.


Make Your Home Seem More Spacious


Opening up your home with infinity walls can naturally make a property seem larger. By removing the physical obstruction of walls, you are also opening up your home to create more space in a room. Light also naturally creates the illusion of space. The two combined work to make your home seem more open and roomy.


Heat and Ventilation 


Glass can have excellent heat retaining qualities, keeping the available warmth in a room. It also has the opposite benefit, as it can provide excellent ventilation. A particular example of this is if you choose to have a glass infinity railing over a full wall, as it can encourage air to circulate in the home, providing fresher, more breathable air.


Infinity glass looks great and provides space, light and even ventilation for a home. If you’re struggling to get around a particular interior design block, like a doorway or light access, it also provides a solution to this problem. Are you considering using infinity glass in your home? Contact us at Sunrock Balconies today for advice in integrating an infinity wall into your design plans. 


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