Recently completed and with an asking price of £3,000,000, it’s the most expensive house built to date in Abersoch, North Wales.

Having outstanding architectural merit with the highest standards of workmanship, Sunrock Balconies were contracted to provide some of the unique and value adding elements to this truly jaw-dropping property.

Only recently completed, this property has many state of the art features and these were completed using glass and steel fixtures supplied and fitted by Sunrock Balconies.

Our expertise in creating glass balconies, steel balustrades and in this case glass balustrade supports for the staircase was called upon.

You can see in the picture below that the wooden staircase was complimented by a glass and steel balustrade design. Arriving at the first floor landing we created a steel and glass safety balcony that helps create a feeling of space and lets light move through the hallway.

In addition Sunrock installed a special glass floor using opaque Dream glass which was 33mm thick to allow more light into the hallway .

Picture courtesy of Beresford Adams the selling agent.

External Glass Balcony

Having provided some internal glass and steel features, we also were contracted to provide the glass balconies feature to the external first floor balcony.

On this glass balcony, steel was not present other than in the fixings at the bottom of the glass balcony. The idea here was to keep the view continuous and unrestricted.

It’s very much what is known outside of the trade by the public as a glass infinity balcony which relies on strengthened glass and minimal exposed fixings. You can see from the picture below that glass balcony is made up of five sheets of glass.

Each glass sheet is then fixed to the property at the base using steel fixings and creates a clean modern balcony that fits with the external architecture of this new build.

Picture courtesy of Beresford Adams the selling agent

Bespoke Glass Balconies, Balustrades and Stairs

Here at Sunrock Balconies we are specialists in creating bespoke glass balconies, balustrades, Juliet balconies, stairs, gates and balcony flooring. With many years of experience and a highly professional team we will help you create that additional feature that will add value and pleasure to your home.

You can discover more about us, our services, and products by browsing our website.

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Does your home need a little more natural light? Are you looking to introduce a statement feature into your home?

Considering glass for your interior design is a bright and bold way to make these two things happen. Sunrock Balconies highlights how using infinity glass in interior design is a great way to make the most of your home.


Brighten Your Home With Infinity Glass


Infinity glass can bring natural light to small rooms, corridors and hallways in your home. There’s always one room in the house that sits in relative darkness – with infinity glass you can open it up to sunlight. Brighter rooms can seem more spacious and roomy, and natural light can bring out the best in even the darkest of colours. Infinity glass allows you to highlight the best of your home.


Make The Everyday A Statement


If you have a stairway or mezzanine level that needs a rail or wall, why not consider infinity glass? You’ll be taking a standard part of the home and making it a feature. Think of a glass infinity wall from your mezzanine where you can look out onto your open plan living room, or a glass-encased stairway rather than an obstructed view. Infinity glass takes the everyday and allows you to make a fun new statement that opens up your home.



Avoid Practical Restrictions To Design


Interior design is all too often faced with the restrictions of practicality. You may have to sacrifice a certain level of light in an interior room because you need a door. You might even be disappointed that the colour palette you choose for your home looks darker than expected. Infinity glass allows for a fun loophole to certain design restrictions, so you can keep the light levels, access routes and colour palette you intended from the outset.


Make Your Home Seem More Spacious


Opening up your home with infinity walls can naturally make a property seem larger. By removing the physical obstruction of walls, you are also opening up your home to create more space in a room. Light also naturally creates the illusion of space. The two combined work to make your home seem more open and roomy.


Heat and Ventilation 


Glass can have excellent heat retaining qualities, keeping the available warmth in a room. It also has the opposite benefit, as it can provide excellent ventilation. A particular example of this is if you choose to have a glass infinity railing over a full wall, as it can encourage air to circulate in the home, providing fresher, more breathable air.


Infinity glass looks great and provides space, light and even ventilation for a home. If you’re struggling to get around a particular interior design block, like a doorway or light access, it also provides a solution to this problem. Are you considering using infinity glass in your home? Contact us at Sunrock Balconies today for advice in integrating an infinity wall into your design plans. 


Construction is changing, there is a move away from traditional building materials such as brick and stick frame construction towards more progressive materials that are energy efficient and easy to recycle.


Glass is an excellent example; it lets in more light and reduces power bills – it can also be broken down easily after use.

If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, it’s worth considering the innovations in glass technology as it offers some exciting potential. And if you have space for a balcony, make it a glass one that adds more value to your home.


Building Trends


Nowadays, there is a trend towards sustainability and efficiency in home construction. This is partly down to the cultural demand for more sustainable homes with less environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint. It’s also down to government initiatives in the same direction.

In response, the construction industry has adapted its approach and introduced new materials that fit the grade. Glass is one example. Using more glass in home construction allows more natural light into the home reducing power bills. Glass is also sustainable and easy to recycle.


The Benefits of Glass


Whether it’s more windows in your home, a skylight, or a glass balcony, using more glass in the construction of homes adds value and contributes to sustainability. Glass not only adds beauty to your home it also absorbs, refracts, and transmits light that can be used intelligently to increase comfort in the home and reduce energy consumption.

That’s not all; glass can be adapted in various ways to improve its performance. Windows, for instance, can be double glazed to reduce the amount of heat lost from home, and a glass balcony can help you save on carbon-producing building materials. They also let more light into the home.


Glass Innovations


Recent times have seen innovations in glass construction since the material offers such excellent sustainability potential. One example is sun protection glass which is made using a metallic overlay. This glass allows sunlight to enter the room without heating it up – it does this by retaining 80% of the infrared heat rays.

Another excellent innovation in glass technology that is still in developmental stages is the transparent solar cell. These solar cells will be built into the glass and provide the majority of energy for your home. A glass balcony that uses this technology only extends the power you can generate – and you can always sell the surplus back to the grid.


Glass Balconies


If you have space for a balcony in your home, it makes sense to build one. A balcony gives you extra floor space and an additional outdoor area that can be used for relaxing and socialising.

But why settle for a conventional brick balcony that blocks out the light.

Glass balconies allow more light into your home and more openness into your life. When you open the curtains in the morning, you can see far and wide instead of feeling blocked off and restricted. Furthermore, glass balconies are eco-friendlier and more progressive.


Get in touch today if you are thinking of installing a balcony in your home and we will walk you through our hassle-free process. Why not call us on 01204 668 207 or send a message to  Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.

Your living space should give you a sense of calmness while at the same time be pleasing to the eye.

Glass fences are excellent in achieving serenity because you can see further than when you have wooden barriers. Therefore, when you compare wooden fences with glass fences, you will find that the glass maximises your space.

You can even have a living space arrangement in your backyard if you so desire. The idea is to fence it with glass panels to make it lively and outstanding. You can use glass fencing in:

  • Swimming pool area
  • Balconies
  • Gardens
  • Backyard

Benefits of Glass Fencing

If you love the outdoors, infinity glass balustrades on your balcony will make your viewing worthwhile. But, other than having a pleasant view, glass fencing will give you the following benefits.



Purchasing quality fencing glass will serve for a very long time. You will not be in the habit of replacing the fence periodically. Buying durable glass will be cost-effective in the long run. You will use the infinity glass for many years because the glass panel is long-lasting.


Maintains views without obstruction

When you sit outside, the fencing glass will give you a clear view of your surroundings, and you can sit down and enjoy your vicinity.


Easy to maintain

You can be worried about the cleanliness status of your fences, but fences such as infinity glass balustrades will not accumulate a lot of dirt. The reason is that the panels are raised from the ground giving you little work when cleaning.


Bespoke designs

Do you like projects that are to your liking? Then, infinity glass will be an excellent fit for you. Depending on the particular space that you need fencing, either on balconies or in the garden, you will receive a bespoke design to your liking.


Ensure the safety of your children

Glass fences come in either frame or frameless glass panels. In addition, there are options such as posts, handrails, and even base tracks to keep your mind at ease.


Increase property value

The fact that glass panels are see-through, your home will have an aesthetic contemporary, and modern vibe. So, you can be sure of admirers who want to gaze at your house and wish they could have such.


Maximise your space

Glass fences offer an unrestricted view in every area that you install. In your garden, they can make your gardening space look enormous because sunlight can stream in without any inhibitions. But, of course, you can always install glass panels in small areas to make them appear larger.


At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


Get in touch today and we will walk you through our hassle-free process. Why not call us on 01204 668 207 or send a message to  Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.





Balcony gardens are the ideal way to transform your outside space. In fact, there’s a lot you can do with even a smaller area.

You can create a beautiful and sensory space in every season. Balcony gardening is not without its challenges, but with the right tips and tricks, your balcony garden can actually be fairly low-maintenance.


Optimise the space available with pots and hanging arrangements. You could even revamp your balcony with infinity glass. Infinity glass balustrades will allow you to show off your creation and you can enjoy the views. Here are a few more useful tips for balcony gardeners.


Practical plants


It’s important to consider the practicalities of balcony gardening. Whereas you’ll have less to worry about in terms of messy soil, weeds, and pests, you’ll have to factor in sunlight and watering complications. Before you set up any plants, think about how you’re going to water them and where the water will drain. If you need to rely on a watering can, make sure you’re willing to put the effort in for the number of plants you want. Choose practical plants that will grow in the conditions you have.


Create a sensory space


A balcony is a perfect place to sit outside, so you want it to be a sensory space. Fragrant plants close to the house will provide wonderful scents. Think about lighting options as well. Your balcony garden needs to be visually stimulating even during the evening. Add plenty of colours and textures to make your space as appealing as possible, and it’ll be an ideal place to relax.


Work with the conditions


If your balcony is in the sun, you’re in luck, but you might want to create some shade with tall plants or trellis. If the views from your balcony are not great, then this will solve the problem as well. On the other hand, if you want to see out of your balcony you could maximise your views with infinity glass balustrades.


Welcome wildlife


There’s no reason why you can’t make your balcony garden a haven for wildlife. You’d be surprised how many beautiful birds and insects you can attract with pollen and nectar-rich flowers. You could even DIY your own bird feeder. If you have room, providing a water supply such as a miniature pond or fountain will also welcome wildlife.


Show off your space


Infinity glass makes an incredibly stylish addition to balconies of any size. As well as giving it a sleeker more elegant finish, infinity glass allows much more light to enter your balcony. This is ideal for cultivating plants, flowers, and even vegetables.


Infinity glass balustrades can be custom-made for your balcony and will even add value to your home. It’s the ultimate feature for breaking down barriers with the outside world, delivering a wonderful feeling of space. Bring the outside in this year with infinity glass balustrades.


At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


Get in touch today and we will walk you through our hassle-free process. Why not call us on 01204 668 207 or send a message to  Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.




If there is one material that adds a little luxury to the home, it’s glass.

Yes, that shiny, sparkly material that makes any normal home space look attractive and luxurious just by existing. The world has been producing glass for thousands of years, and there is a reason that architects use it as a material to impress the masses. The best thing about glass, whether it’s glass floors, room dividers or stair balustrades, is that it’s timeless.

You can transform your living space simply by switching out your material choices and it’s one of the biggest reasons that architects and interior designers choose glass for their designs. Infinity glass just doesn’t go out of style, so here are some of the ways that glass can add that touch of class to your living space.

Luxurious Homes

Here’s a great example of how Sunrock Balconies can transform your property. This stunning three storey beach house was built to take full advantage of the incredible sea views. The addition of infinity glass balustrading which are accessed via bi-fold doors provides an uninterrupted view of the ocean.



Let There Be Light

Depending on the design and material you use, glass will let a lot of natural light flood into your home. Whether it’s frosted or not, glass allows you a window to the outside world and you already know that there are tons of health benefits to natural light streaming into the house. Glass can prevent the light smacking into walls; it just flows right through the house. Harnessing the sun to brighten your home from wall to wall is much better for your health than any other material. You can have everything from infinity glass balustrades and stairs to the glass floors you’ve seen in magazines!



All About Aesthetics

Glass has clean lines to it, and you can use glass in many different stylish and beautiful ways. From glass furniture and table tops, to frameless walls and glass doors, there are several ways to ensure that the interior of your home is one clean line and aesthetically pleasing as a result. Glass balconies are another way of allowing in more light, a seamless join between the outside and inside – a sleeker look to the home overall.

Opening the Space

Glass allows the light to flow through each room in the house, especially if you choose to have glass floors or stair balustrades. Glass allows your home to feel more open, warm and inviting. The glass doors, for example, can allow you a better sense of space, which also means that you can link rooms together and offer continuity to the house, too. It’s a very modern look, and it’s one that’s having a positive impact in the interior design world.

A Modern Touch

Speaking of glass making the space more modern, you can transform older homes and buildings simply by switching older, darker materials to glass. Glass is one of the most ideal materials for transformation, and it’s particularly useful for property modification.


Glass is a versatile material and can be used for any number of applications in the house. You can build a whole balcony or extension to your house with it!

At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.

Get in touch today and we will walk you through our hassle-free process. Why not call us on 01204 668 207 or send a message to  Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.

Glass has many extraordinary merits for you to discover. An architectural phenomenon, it’s used on millions of balustrades, door canopies, staircases and other features throughout both private and commercial properties across the country.

Whether it’s used internally or externally, there are many benefits that you can reap from opting to having it installed within a building.

As a bespoke design that’s manufactured and fitted to your property’s exact dimensions, you’ll have a custom solution that offers the following notable advantages:


It Brings in Natural Light



No matter where it’s located in your property or office, it will help to bring natural light in. This incredible benefit helps to reduce your energy costs, saving you money in the long term.

But it’s not only the financial benefit that you can take advantage of with this. By bringing natural light into the property you will notice the wonderful atmosphere it creates. As glass absorbs and transmits the light, it adds an undeniable beauty to the building that can’t be ignored.

No longer will you have to rely on artificial lighting – now you have a practical and delightful feature that allows for plenty of natural light to flood into the building.


It Adds A Feeling of Space


Architectural merits of glass


Do you feel as though your home is closed off to its surroundings? By adding infinity glass balustrades (or another glass feature) your property will feel as though it’s been opened up to nature. Adding a feeling of space, you’ll be able to go out and enjoy the outside (or admire it from the interior of the building) no matter what time of year.

This benefit is incredibly prominent when you don’t have a lot of room to play with or you simply want to make more use of the exterior of your property.


It Radiates Modern Ambience




Not only does it add more space and bring in more light but it radiates modern ambience. When a building has infinity glass features, it undeniably looks more contemporary and stylish both internally and externally. Transforming the look and the feel of it, it’s unlike any other feature you could add.

Showcasing your property in a unique way, it gives a complete aesthetic look to the structure that you wouldn’t have got from other designs. This rendered aesthetic also allows for easier cleaning throughout the year – a benefit that people often forget about.


Final Thoughts


So, there you go. Those are just some of the remarkable architectural merits that come with glass. A practical and incredibly sophisticated design choice, you’ll love the benefits that come with it the moment it’s installed in your home or office building.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about Sunrock Balconies infinity glass balustrades, glass floors, stairs and our other services today by contacting us by email on or at one of our offices.

Alternatively, you can request a free quote today through our website. We look forward to hearing from you and showcasing how we can transform your home or building through the use of high-quality and beautiful glass.


There is no doubt that a glass balcony is a great way to improve both the look and functionality of your outdoor area whether it’s a patio, deck or small garden or even indoors as an architectural feature. Sunrock Infinity Glass Balustrades are beautifully engineered and ultra-modern. Completely frameless or built with stylish stainless-steel posts, they deliver a wonderful feeling of space.

Glass is very durable. It will not be affected by weathering such as rotting or fading. Sunrock balustrades without a handrail are manufactured with 17.5 mm laminated toughened glass. Those with a secure handrail will be 15mm toughened glass. All rails and fixings are matching marine grade 316 stainless steel which is particularly good if you are by the coast or have a swimming pool.  

So how do you keep Sunrock’s Infinity Glass Balustrades as beautiful as the day they were installed? It’s simple – clean them every few weeks and this will keep them looking amazing. It will also avoid the need for a deep clean and definitely no need for specialist cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

The best way to clean glass balustrades is to wipe them down regularly with a cloth just using clear warm water. Any watermarks can be avoided by drying the glass off with a towel or microfibre cloth.

If the water droplets have dried off leaving waterspots, these can be buffed away with the towel and won’t damage the glass.

Grime or Grit

If it’s been some time since the balustrades have been cleaned, or if there is heavy soiling such as dried mud, bird droppings or general grime, a small amount of washing up liquid in the warm water will help break this down. Used sparingly the detergent won’t damage the glass. Whenever this method is used, the balustrade should be wiped down with clear water afterwards to remove any residues of dirt and detergent

Grease or Stickiness

Got fingerprints? Don’t worry these are easy to remove too. Although they are more likely to occur on internal balustrading they could equally occur outside, particularly with young children around. By using a household class cleaner which has properties to break down grease and stickiness those fingerprints will soon disappear. We would recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Scratches or Staining

For stainless steel posts or handrails which have not been maintained appropriately, they may have small scratches or staining on them. There are stainless steel cleaners which, used gently, can be purchased which are mildly abrasive so any marks or scratches can be diminished. Once again, we recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and also do a small patch test on a hidden part of the rail.

No, No, No

Here’s what you should never do!

  • Never use sandpaper or wire wool
  • Never use any product that contains muriatic or hydrochloric acid
  • Never use chloride based products

If you follow the Sunrock guidelines here, you will be able to keep your balustrades looking fabulous and as good as new.

If you’d like to know more about our products or would like to talk through a project you have in mind, Sunrock Balconies has a dedicated team of experts who can help and advise you on all aspects of your project. Our aim is to help add function, style, and appeal to your home so get in touch today.

As a decadent looking material, glass has become very popular around the home. Indeed, the use of glass has established itself as a key element of contemporary architecture of buildings. 

New technology and innovation means that sustainable products can be produced using glass. It’s these qualities that make it an attractive material to use in construction as well as it’s practicality. It is no surprise therefore, that glass is now being increasingly used in alternative ways in and around the home, as well as in commercial settings.

Evidence suggests that people want open plan living in their homes. Being transparent, glass gives a real sense of space where internal living accommodation requires division for safety or stability or in external areas where safety is paramount but visual impact is equally important.

Being a more stable and resistant building material, which is easy to clean and maintain, glass is high on homeowners’ wish lists and architects plans. Here at Sunrock, we use glass for balustrading to improve and enhance the style, function and appeal of homes and commercial buildings both inside and out. Here’s how:

Garden Balustrading

Gardens, large or small need to be versatile. Depending on the size of the family, a garden may need a play area for children with a social space for entertaining and for relaxation as well as space for cultivating flowers and possibly vegetables.

One solution is to ‘slice’ up a garden to define the zones is to install glass balustrading so each area is separated physically but not visually.

A great example is a kids play area. Zoning it off with glass balustrading will keep them (and potential mess!) can be contained within this space but parents can still keep an eye on the children.

Balcony Balustrading

There is no doubt that a glass balcony is a great way to improve both the look and functionality of your outdoor area whether it’s a patio, deck or small garden.

Infinity Glass balustrading is a fabulous feature to provide a barrier without limited the views between your indoor and outside living areas. As a result, they deliver a wonderful feeling of space, providing a safety barrier as well.

Glass Canopy

How about an elegant way to shield your visitors from the elements? Installing a glass canopy outside your entrance provides this shelter whilst allowing light to filter into the building.

Dividers and Barriers

Glass balustrades are a great way to guide people as they walk around a building putting a physical barrier in place without blocking light or impairing spatial vision.

It’s very easy for people to get confused or disorientated in large open workplaces. Glass balustrades offer the solution to create markers for guidance particularly as they can also be privacy etched or frosted too. This is a great way to create modern feel.

They are also a great addition to staircases allowing full vision and an open aspect in the room.

Rooftop gardens require a safety barrier too but why block off the views! Infinity glass balustrading offers the solution to both safety and vision.

Swimming Pool Safety

Do you have a water feature in your garden? If so, you are not alone as many domestic gardens now have them from a small pond to a swimming pool or a hot tub.

One problem associated with these are accidents where the tragic reality of drowning is a risk to be avoided. In the UK there is no law which regulates fencing off swimming pools or ponds for safety purposes. However, an effective solution to this risk is to use glass balustrading to fence off the water and provide access through lockable gate. The transparency of the glass will ensure you can still enjoy the view.

Glass Floors

Have you got an area that could do with more light? Letting more light into the area below your balcony creates openness. Glass floors with glass wells integral to the balcony decking is one option, while the other is an entire glass floor made from laminated toughed glass. At Sunrock they are available in a variety of shades; clear, tinted or privacy etched and they all have spot grip pads added as a safety feature.

Stunning Home Accessory

All the above are practical uses but we also think glass balustrades are stunning features in their own right. They can be added within the home or garden just as a design feature giving it additional interest with a luxurious feel.

All in all, we believe glass balustrades are a worthwhile addition to any property. At Sunrock Balconies we offer glass balustrading make outdoor living rooms for your family to enjoy. We also provide internal balustrading. All are beautifully designed to your specifications. Sunrock balustrading can change your lifestyle and create a feeling of space from within as well as more living space outside, all compliant with UK building regulations.

Take a look through our product range to get some more ideas, or if you are ready for the next step then request a quote today.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to Get in touch – we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a job you have in mind.