So, you have a new home with a beautiful vista – congratulations! You may be considering some glass balustrading to make the most of it.

This could be an excellent choice, but as with any big decision, there are many factors to consider. Go into this decision with your eyes open by considering the pros and cons of Infinity glass balustrades.


Why you should choose glass balustrades for your project


A balcony made entirely of infinity glass is the perfect way to enjoy the landscape beyond your back door. Whether you look onto the ocean, the forest, or the city, you would rather get a full view of the scenery instead of it being mostly obscured. It gives you a sense of space rather than confinement.

Balconies that don’t use glass create a barrier between the inside and the outside. Conversely, a glass balustrade dissolves the barrier without losing it completely, giving the illusion of a large open space, looking out.

A glass balustrade could add value of your property. Glass balconies offer a more luxurious and upmarket look giving it increased curb appeal too.

If you are landscaping your property, you will roundly benefit from having a glass balustrade. For one thing, you will not need to consider the aesthetic implications of a traditional design that may impact your landscaping decisions. Instead, your glass balcony will complement any creative vision. You can enjoy your creation from the inside.


Will your property suit a glass balcony?


Traditionally glass balconies are deemed to be a luxurious and high end option. However, the cost of raw materials and production have come down and installing an infinity glass balcony will suit even with the most modest budget.


Glass balustrading may not suit every home. As it brings more contemporary look, it tends to suit modern, linear aesthetics, not traditional buildings and stonework. However, designers today tend to blend the old with the new, and in many cases, it works extremely well.


At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


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Living by the coast is the dream of many. It could be the smell of the sea in the breeze, the sound of seagull cries, just being close to the beach or feeling the warm sand beneath your feet.

Undoubtedly it will not be the hassles of dealing with salt corrosion, excess moisture and rusting metal!

Coastal corrosion is a big problem for those who have homes that border the coast. With climate change and the constant onslaught of wind and rain, the right materials are a must.


Coastal Corrosion

Coastal corrosion can threaten your property’s integrity, and if your property is within 5km of the surf, you will notice it happening. If you’re further inland and 20km from the surf, you still may find that you are dealing with coastal corrosion. The continuous exposure to wind, high temperatures, and pollution can be the cause, though it’s much less severe than being close to the water.


Being close to saltwater spray is the main reason coastal corrosion occurs, as sea salt is a corrosive substance. It stays wet until the humidity levels are very low, so it erodes for longer and can cause damage.


If you have infinity glass balustrades on your balcony, you may notice that the stainless steel fixings are becoming discoloured which impairs the overall look. This brown discolouration, or tea staining does not affect the reliability or the durability of the structure, but it can look unsightly.


Deep grooves and metal folds on surfaces are more likely to erode, as these can trap salts in the small spaces. When the surface dries, the salts corrode the material faster. If you can ensure that the surfaces are smooth, less salt will be trapped in the surfaces


Marine grade stainless steel fixings

Marine grade stainless steel fixings are the answer. All of the Sunrock Balcony uprights, rails, and fixings used are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel because it has a high resistance to corrosion.


At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


Get in touch today and we will walk you through our hassle-free process. Why not call us on 01204 668 207 or send a message to  Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.



Sipping cocktails from an outdoor pool, partying on a rooftop terrace, or simply relaxing in the garden with your family – a beautiful, uninterrupted view can transform each of these activities into something of an even higher class.


Big, bulky fencing and unsightly brick walls can have a disastrous effect on your attempt to achieve that all important uninterrupted view, but what is the alternative option that can allow you and your guests to fully appreciate the surroundings? You needn’t continue your search for even a second more, as glass balustrades are the ideal option to help you create the perfect open outdoor space that’s free of confines and borders.


Versatility of Glass


The versatility of glass balustrades make them a great fit for almost every location and style preference, adding quality and aesthetic value to any outdoor space within moments of installation. Designing the ideal entertainment spot that’s bound to wow your guests has never been so simple when you make the decision to incorporate glass balustrades, as they can be used for balconies and terraces that require a boundary for safety.

Not only will a glass balustrade keep you and your guests safe at such a height, it will also allow you all to see straight through for miles of uninterrupted views and endless sunlight. Utilising metal fencing or brickwork to create a border will knock several points off your properties aesthetic value, whilst also creating the atmosphere of a compact and claustrophobic space. You simply won’t be able to appreciate the surrounding areas of your property if you do not invest in the most suitable features, so don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong materials for your needs.

Uninterrupted Views


Sunrock Balconies glass balustrades uninterrupted views


If you have a garden or piece of land that backs onto your property which maintains pleasing views, having to erect a tall wooden fence to identify the borders of your home can have a terrible effect on the way that you are able to appreciate your outdoor space. Again, the feeling of confinement can be amplified with the use of bulky materials, yet glass balustrades offer a whole new aesthetic. Opting to utilise glass balustrades in your garden will allow you and your family to appreciate Mother Nature to her full potential, as uninterrupted views are easy when there’s no fencing or wall standing in your bath. Summer sun soaked barbecues and outdoor get togethers have never been so enjoyable with the addition of a jaw dropping view, so don’t let such a selling point go to waste by investing in the wrong perimeters.


Poolside luxury


Even the luxury of an outdoor pool can be upgraded by the use of glass balustrades, as an unspoilt view appreciated from the water can be a whole new experience without the usual unsightly fencing or brickwork. Nothing says opulence quite like a rooftop infinity pool perfectly partnered with a set of glass balustrades.


There’s no time like the present to invest in your wildest dreams. At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


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If you’re a homeowner, then it’s important that you’re making the most of all the space that your property provides.

While most people take plenty of care when it comes to the inside of their homes, many overlook the exterior area of the house. But it’s well worth taking the time to upgrade this outdoor space. It’ll allow you to enjoy being outdoors with your loved ones, and can also nudge the value of your property in the right direction.  

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some tried and tested methods for bringing your garden up to speed. Take our tips on board, and it won’t be long before you’re enjoying all that having a picture-perfect outdoor space can bring.


Juliet balcony 



Want to improve the appearance of your home and let in as much light in as possible? Then consider adding a Juliet balcony to your property. These are especially recommended for master bedrooms since they let in so much light. On warm spring and summer mornings, you’ll be able to open your doors wide and let in that cool breeze. An infinity glass Juliet balcony isn’t a traditional balcony; it’s more an architectural feature that effectively transforms the room into one large balcony. It’ll allow you to enjoy the feeling of being outside, even when you’re in your bedroom.


Rooftop Terrace


Sunrock Balconies Infinity Glass top fix


When the sun is shining, you’ll want to make the most of being in the outdoors. There’s just nothing better than spending many hours under a warm sun, right on your own property. There’s sometimes just one issue: your garden won’t receive sunshine all day, because at some point your home or your neighbours’ home will block the sun. There’s one handy, awesome way to get around this issue, however, and that’s to add a rooftop terrace to your home. This will effectively give you two outdoor living spaces at your property: your back garden and your roof. Rooftop terraces are perfect for more or less all types of relaxed days outdoors, but they’re especially great for lounging and enjoying BBQs with your loved ones. 


Upgrade balustrades


Sunrock Balconies Infinity Blok Balcony


If you already have a balcony, but it’s looking a little dated, then consider upgrading to infinity glass balustrades. This will instantly give your home a sleek and modern appearance. This frameless feature will let in plenty of light into your balcony since there’s nothing blocking the light; there’ll be no shadows. If you have a home with a view, then you’ll get to look out at it in all its glory. There are aspects to enjoy while you’re sitting out there on your balcony, but you’ll also enjoy the view of your home from the street too. They look fantastic. 


If you’re ready to create the ultimate outdoor space in your home, then be sure to get in touch with Sunrock Balconies. We offer a wide range of services and have the expertise and experience you need to make your grand plans for your home a reality.


Sunrock Balconies - How to enhance your garden with glass

You can use a variety of materials to enhance your garden or outside space. Glass is one of the most versatile materials that you can use, both in practical and aesthetic ways.

It can create sleek lines and a contemporary feel, and it’s fantastic for increasing light and helping spaces to look bigger. If you want to use glass in your garden, you can install a range of features that have an impact on the look and feel of the space. Sunrock Balconies can offer you glass balconies and balustrades, as well as other glass products to help you make more of your garden.

Install a Water Feature

Water features are brilliant to add to any garden. They can help to create a more relaxing space, offering both a calming visual and sound. Glass water features are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a modern and sophisticated option for your garden. Consider a glass water wall, for example, where the water running down the wall can create rainbows as it catches the light. Or you might like a sphere of glass with water running down it, or perhaps a multifaceted glass water feature, where each piece feeds back into the others.

Have Glass Art or Sculptures

Art and sculptures are not just for inside your home. It’s also a good idea to add them to your garden, patio, terrace, or other outside space. There are many different things you can do with glass, both clear glass and coloured glass. Glass art outdoors often takes the form of sculpture, perhaps mixed with other materials such as certain metals or wood. You can choose something elegant and understated but effective, or maybe something bigger, more colourful, and even more powerful. Everyone has different tastes, so you have to find glass art that you enjoy.

Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are also a fantastic way to make use of glass outdoors. If you want to make your garden look bigger, the use of mirrors can help. Mirrors reflect the space around them and help it to look like there is more space for you to use. If you want to hang a mirror, you can find some beautiful traditional styles. However, you can also look for something more contemporary if you’re not a fan of arches or ornate frames. You could place a mirror at the end of your garden, at the head of your outdoor dining table, or somewhere else that will give the illusion of more space.

Install Glass Balustrades, Railings and Floors


Sunrock Balconies Enhance your garden with glass


Sunrock Balconies offers a range of glass products that you can use to improve not just the aesthetics of your garden, but also the functionality. Infinity glass balustrades allow you to install a barrier that doesn’t obstruct or obscure your view. The infinity glass is installed seamlessly to enhance your garden. Staircases and steps can be made more stylish with glass railings, and even glass floors on balconies can allow light to shine through to the space below.

Enhance your garden with glass to turn it into a more inviting space that you will want to use all year. To contact us or request an online quote, please click here.


In Britain, we’re lucky to be spoiled with over 19,000 miles of beautiful scenic coastline. Coastal properties are some of the most sought after in the country and an attractive sea view can add up to 50% to the value of a property.

A well-designed balcony or deck can be the perfect place from which to enjoy those beautiful views and breath the sea air.

But harsh coastal environments can cause you major headaches when it comes to maintaining your property. Salty air, wind, fog and humidity can cause corrosion and damage to your home and your balconies and balustrades will bear the brunt of this.

Glass and infinity glass balustrades are the ideal material for coastal properties for a number of reasons both practical and style based.


Enjoy Uninterrupted Views


glass railings parapet walls


One of the pure joys of owning a coastal property is those fantastic sea views. Why would you then interrupt those with wooden or metal balustrades?

Infinity glass balustrades allow you to enjoy those amazing sea views without interruption creating a seamless extension of your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

You won’t have to worry about blocking out those glorious sunrises and sunsets either as the glass will let the light through them and into your home.


Create A Feeling Of Space


Glass has been used by designers for hundreds of years to create a feeling of more space within a home, by having this transparent balustrade, you not only get a great view, but you create a seamless transition between your home, your outside space and the landscape beyond.


Glass Is The Most Versatile Of Materials


Every home is unique and you put your style on it with every choice. Whether your home is modern or more traditional in style, glass is a great choice.

Coastal properties often feature large windows to take advantage of the views. Glass will complement the existing features and can be used both inside and out on features such as staircases, balconies, pools fencing and elevated walkways.

You can choose glass in a variety of shades, tints and etchings and from a number of fixing, styles and handrails.


It’s Built To Withstand The Elements


The British weather is nothing if not erratic. Unlike most other materials, glass won’t rot in the damp, salty conditions of the coast. It’s also strong enough to deal with the high winds.

This robustness against the elements makes it a great choice when it comes to safety.  Like iron, tempered glass is very strong but won’t be compromised by corrosion.


If you’d like to know more about our glass balustrades or would like to talk through a project for your coastal property, Sunrock Balconies has a dedicated team of experts who can help and advise you on all aspects of your project. Our aim is to help add function, style, and appeal to your home so get in touch today.



Glass is one of the most common materials used for the production of items we use every day. Our pre-historic ancestors used naturally formed glass from volcanic lava which had rapidly solidified without crystallisation for weapons or tools. This type of glass was of great value and was very much sought after.

Archaeological evidence of the first manufacturing of glass has been found in Ancient Egypt dating back to 1500BC. However, glass from these times was produced by glazing pre-made items or beads that had accidentally formed from metalwork. It was in the Bronze Age that the first signs of glassmaking as we know it became apparent where molten glass was poured into containers.

It wasn’t until the 1st century BC that glass blowing was first used by Syrian and Palestinian workers. This changed the whole industry enabling easy production at lower costs. The Romans spread the technique across their empire, and it became commonplace not only for the production of jewellery and containers but for architectural purposes.

How is glass made today?

Glass is made from sand. Sand contains soda ash, lime and silica, which when heated, becomes liquid. We’re talking temperatures of at least 1700°C or 3090°F!

Once it’s reached this temperature it completely transforms so it will never return to its original state and even when cooled it never quite solidifies. Scientists call this type of liquid an ‘amorphous solid’. So, as incredible as is sounds, it has the characteristics of a solid and a liquid!

Why is glass so versatile?

Glass is relatively inexpensive to produce. Because it’s transparent it can be used for a variety of purposes in and around our homes and workplaces. It is commonplace within the architecture of buildings adding interest, natural light and character.

It has a resistance to heat once it is set and it is ‘chemically inert’ – in other words it’s unreactive to materials or food products place on it or in it, so it is great for storage of food for instance.

Coloured, opaque, etched, moulded or cut, glass is exceptionally adaptable but equally, can be easily recycled or upcycled.

What is Laminated Glass?

Sunrock Balconies use laminated glass for balustrades. Laminated glass has a plastic interlay placed between two sheets of glass during production. This creates a tight bond so if the laminated glass does get damaged it will remain intact because the fragments are bound on the thin film of interlay. Therefore, it doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces and reduces the risk of injury.

Laminated glass provides greater UV resistance and sound proofing compared to standard glass so it’s great for external balcony balustrading and internal glass walls.

So, we’ve established that glass is exceptionally versatile and practical. That’s exactly why Sunrock uses it for infinity glass balustrades because they match these qualities. Fabulous design features, adding interest and luxury they will add style and sophistication to your home or outside space.

All are designed to your specifications making sure that Sunrock balustrading helps to change your lifestyle and create a feeling of space from within as well as more living space outside. We guarantee everything will be compliant with UK building regulations.

Take a look through our product range to get some more ideas, or if you are ready for the next step then request a quote today. If you’re still unsure, feel free to Get in touch – we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a job you have in mind.

There is no doubt that a glass balcony is a great way to improve both the look and functionality of your outdoor area whether it’s a patio, deck or small garden or even indoors as an architectural feature. Sunrock Infinity Glass Balustrades are beautifully engineered and ultra-modern. Completely frameless or built with stylish stainless-steel posts, they deliver a wonderful feeling of space.

Glass is very durable. It will not be affected by weathering such as rotting or fading. Sunrock balustrades without a handrail are manufactured with 17.5 mm laminated toughened glass. Those with a secure handrail will be 15mm toughened glass. All rails and fixings are matching marine grade 316 stainless steel which is particularly good if you are by the coast or have a swimming pool.  

So how do you keep Sunrock’s Infinity Glass Balustrades as beautiful as the day they were installed? It’s simple – clean them every few weeks and this will keep them looking amazing. It will also avoid the need for a deep clean and definitely no need for specialist cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

The best way to clean glass balustrades is to wipe them down regularly with a cloth just using clear warm water. Any watermarks can be avoided by drying the glass off with a towel or microfibre cloth.

If the water droplets have dried off leaving waterspots, these can be buffed away with the towel and won’t damage the glass.

Grime or Grit

If it’s been some time since the balustrades have been cleaned, or if there is heavy soiling such as dried mud, bird droppings or general grime, a small amount of washing up liquid in the warm water will help break this down. Used sparingly the detergent won’t damage the glass. Whenever this method is used, the balustrade should be wiped down with clear water afterwards to remove any residues of dirt and detergent

Grease or Stickiness

Got fingerprints? Don’t worry these are easy to remove too. Although they are more likely to occur on internal balustrading they could equally occur outside, particularly with young children around. By using a household class cleaner which has properties to break down grease and stickiness those fingerprints will soon disappear. We would recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Scratches or Staining

For stainless steel posts or handrails which have not been maintained appropriately, they may have small scratches or staining on them. There are stainless steel cleaners which, used gently, can be purchased which are mildly abrasive so any marks or scratches can be diminished. Once again, we recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and also do a small patch test on a hidden part of the rail.

No, No, No

Here’s what you should never do!

  • Never use sandpaper or wire wool
  • Never use any product that contains muriatic or hydrochloric acid
  • Never use chloride based products

If you follow the Sunrock guidelines here, you will be able to keep your balustrades looking fabulous and as good as new.

If you’d like to know more about our products or would like to talk through a project you have in mind, Sunrock Balconies has a dedicated team of experts who can help and advise you on all aspects of your project. Our aim is to help add function, style, and appeal to your home so get in touch today.

As a decadent looking material, glass has become very popular around the home. Indeed, the use of glass has established itself as a key element of contemporary architecture of buildings. 

New technology and innovation means that sustainable products can be produced using glass. It’s these qualities that make it an attractive material to use in construction as well as it’s practicality. It is no surprise therefore, that glass is now being increasingly used in alternative ways in and around the home, as well as in commercial settings.

Evidence suggests that people want open plan living in their homes. Being transparent, glass gives a real sense of space where internal living accommodation requires division for safety or stability or in external areas where safety is paramount but visual impact is equally important.

Being a more stable and resistant building material, which is easy to clean and maintain, glass is high on homeowners’ wish lists and architects plans. Here at Sunrock, we use glass for balustrading to improve and enhance the style, function and appeal of homes and commercial buildings both inside and out. Here’s how:

Garden Balustrading

Gardens, large or small need to be versatile. Depending on the size of the family, a garden may need a play area for children with a social space for entertaining and for relaxation as well as space for cultivating flowers and possibly vegetables.

One solution is to ‘slice’ up a garden to define the zones is to install glass balustrading so each area is separated physically but not visually.

A great example is a kids play area. Zoning it off with glass balustrading will keep them (and potential mess!) can be contained within this space but parents can still keep an eye on the children.

Balcony Balustrading

There is no doubt that a glass balcony is a great way to improve both the look and functionality of your outdoor area whether it’s a patio, deck or small garden.

Infinity Glass balustrading is a fabulous feature to provide a barrier without limited the views between your indoor and outside living areas. As a result, they deliver a wonderful feeling of space, providing a safety barrier as well.

Glass Canopy

How about an elegant way to shield your visitors from the elements? Installing a glass canopy outside your entrance provides this shelter whilst allowing light to filter into the building.

Dividers and Barriers

Glass balustrades are a great way to guide people as they walk around a building putting a physical barrier in place without blocking light or impairing spatial vision.

It’s very easy for people to get confused or disorientated in large open workplaces. Glass balustrades offer the solution to create markers for guidance particularly as they can also be privacy etched or frosted too. This is a great way to create modern feel.

They are also a great addition to staircases allowing full vision and an open aspect in the room.

Rooftop gardens require a safety barrier too but why block off the views! Infinity glass balustrading offers the solution to both safety and vision.

Swimming Pool Safety

Do you have a water feature in your garden? If so, you are not alone as many domestic gardens now have them from a small pond to a swimming pool or a hot tub.

One problem associated with these are accidents where the tragic reality of drowning is a risk to be avoided. In the UK there is no law which regulates fencing off swimming pools or ponds for safety purposes. However, an effective solution to this risk is to use glass balustrading to fence off the water and provide access through lockable gate. The transparency of the glass will ensure you can still enjoy the view.

Glass Floors

Have you got an area that could do with more light? Letting more light into the area below your balcony creates openness. Glass floors with glass wells integral to the balcony decking is one option, while the other is an entire glass floor made from laminated toughed glass. At Sunrock they are available in a variety of shades; clear, tinted or privacy etched and they all have spot grip pads added as a safety feature.

Stunning Home Accessory

All the above are practical uses but we also think glass balustrades are stunning features in their own right. They can be added within the home or garden just as a design feature giving it additional interest with a luxurious feel.

All in all, we believe glass balustrades are a worthwhile addition to any property. At Sunrock Balconies we offer glass balustrading make outdoor living rooms for your family to enjoy. We also provide internal balustrading. All are beautifully designed to your specifications. Sunrock balustrading can change your lifestyle and create a feeling of space from within as well as more living space outside, all compliant with UK building regulations.

Take a look through our product range to get some more ideas, or if you are ready for the next step then request a quote today.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to Get in touch – we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a job you have in mind.


It will soon be that wonderful time of year when we like to spend time relaxing or entertaining outside. But have you got the perfect deck on which to put your recliner or dining table and chairs?


Here at Sunrock, we completely understand if you’re put off by the high maintenance of traditional hard or softwood decking. After all, not everyone has the time or the desire to put in all the effort that’s required to clean and oil it every year. So, we have the perfect solution by offering you a range of low maintenance options that not only look fantastic but provide the longevity you’re looking for too.



Our main supplier is EcoDek – a decking system made from recycled materials. As a sustainable and low maintenance alternative to timber it offers the perfect decking solution.  Ecodek wood polymer composite (WPC) products are manufactured using a carbon-negative process, which means that its production actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. That’s why EcoDek is genuinely sustainable.



Here are your options:



Heritage deck boards are designed to reflect the appeal and beauty of natural timber whilst providing a much higher performance level than wood can offer. It has an attractive wood grain effect which brings the beauty of timber but without its flaws. It will not stain, warp, split or flake. As Heritage boards are coloured through the manufacturing process, the colour will remain consistent even after weathering.

Heritage boards are available in 5 colours; Pennine Millstone, Highland Basalt, Cornish Pebble, Brecon Shale and Welsh Slate.

EcoDek Advanced Technology (AT)

Having been developed specifically for decking boards, they have the appearance of natural hardwood timber but offer an alternative option where ribbed or grooved boards are required. Each board is exceptionally strong and can be used in a variety of construction projects. Being supremely slip resistant this just adds to its versatility.

EcoDek Heavy Duty (HD)

The attributes of this board make it highly suitable for commercial decking projects due to the ease of alignment and even dimensions. As with the other boards, the HD option is coloured through the manufacturing process so colour is maintained even after weathering plus even after being subjected to low temperatures it will not flake.

Both EcoDek AT and EcoDek HD are available in Dark Brown, Black, Pebble Grey, Light Brown and Slate Grey.




Sunrock decking offers you the solution for a year round, safely slip resistant deck which is also low maintenance. In addition, all balcony decking installed by Sunrock Balconies carries a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee.



If you are looking for more inspiration, take a look through our product range to get some more ideas. if you’ve already decided and are ready for the next step then request a quote today.

If you would like more information we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a job you have in mind so get in touch today.

Let Sunrock transform your domestic or commercial outdoor area. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed.