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Living by the coast is the dream of many. It could be the smell of the sea in the breeze, the sound of seagull cries, just being close to the beach or feeling the warm sand beneath your feet.

Undoubtedly it will not be the hassles of dealing with salt corrosion, excess moisture and rusting metal!

Coastal corrosion is a big problem for those who have homes that border the coast. With climate change and the constant onslaught of wind and rain, the right materials are a must.


Coastal Corrosion

Coastal corrosion can threaten your property’s integrity, and if your property is within 5km of the surf, you will notice it happening. If you’re further inland and 20km from the surf, you still may find that you are dealing with coastal corrosion. The continuous exposure to wind, high temperatures, and pollution can be the cause, though it’s much less severe than being close to the water.


Being close to saltwater spray is the main reason coastal corrosion occurs, as sea salt is a corrosive substance. It stays wet until the humidity levels are very low, so it erodes for longer and can cause damage.


If you have infinity glass balustrades on your balcony, you may notice that the stainless steel fixings are becoming discoloured which impairs the overall look. This brown discolouration, or tea staining does not affect the reliability or the durability of the structure, but it can look unsightly.


Deep grooves and metal folds on surfaces are more likely to erode, as these can trap salts in the small spaces. When the surface dries, the salts corrode the material faster. If you can ensure that the surfaces are smooth, less salt will be trapped in the surfaces


Marine grade stainless steel fixings

Marine grade stainless steel fixings are the answer. All of the Sunrock Balcony uprights, rails, and fixings used are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel because it has a high resistance to corrosion.


At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


Get in touch today and we will walk you through our hassle-free process. Why not call us on 01204 668 207 or send a message to  Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.



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