It will soon be that wonderful time of year when we like to spend time relaxing or entertaining outside. But have you got the perfect deck on which to put your recliner or dining table and chairs?


Here at Sunrock, we completely understand if you’re put off by the high maintenance of traditional hard or softwood decking. After all, not everyone has the time or the desire to put in all the effort that’s required to clean and oil it every year. So, we have the perfect solution by offering you a range of low maintenance options that not only look fantastic but provide the longevity you’re looking for too.



Our main supplier is EcoDek – a decking system made from recycled materials. As a sustainable and low maintenance alternative to timber it offers the perfect decking solution.  Ecodek wood polymer composite (WPC) products are manufactured using a carbon-negative process, which means that its production actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. That’s why EcoDek is genuinely sustainable.



Here are your options:



Heritage deck boards are designed to reflect the appeal and beauty of natural timber whilst providing a much higher performance level than wood can offer. It has an attractive wood grain effect which brings the beauty of timber but without its flaws. It will not stain, warp, split or flake. As Heritage boards are coloured through the manufacturing process, the colour will remain consistent even after weathering.

Heritage boards are available in 5 colours; Pennine Millstone, Highland Basalt, Cornish Pebble, Brecon Shale and Welsh Slate.

EcoDek Advanced Technology (AT)

Having been developed specifically for decking boards, they have the appearance of natural hardwood timber but offer an alternative option where ribbed or grooved boards are required. Each board is exceptionally strong and can be used in a variety of construction projects. Being supremely slip resistant this just adds to its versatility.

EcoDek Heavy Duty (HD)

The attributes of this board make it highly suitable for commercial decking projects due to the ease of alignment and even dimensions. As with the other boards, the HD option is coloured through the manufacturing process so colour is maintained even after weathering plus even after being subjected to low temperatures it will not flake.

Both EcoDek AT and EcoDek HD are available in Dark Brown, Black, Pebble Grey, Light Brown and Slate Grey.




Sunrock decking offers you the solution for a year round, safely slip resistant deck which is also low maintenance. In addition, all balcony decking installed by Sunrock Balconies carries a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee.



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