Your living space should give you a sense of calmness while at the same time be pleasing to the eye.

Glass fences are excellent in achieving serenity because you can see further than when you have wooden barriers. Therefore, when you compare wooden fences with glass fences, you will find that the glass maximises your space.

You can even have a living space arrangement in your backyard if you so desire. The idea is to fence it with glass panels to make it lively and outstanding. You can use glass fencing in:

  • Swimming pool area
  • Balconies
  • Gardens
  • Backyard

Benefits of Glass Fencing

If you love the outdoors, infinity glass balustrades on your balcony will make your viewing worthwhile. But, other than having a pleasant view, glass fencing will give you the following benefits.



Purchasing quality fencing glass will serve for a very long time. You will not be in the habit of replacing the fence periodically. Buying durable glass will be cost-effective in the long run. You will use the infinity glass for many years because the glass panel is long-lasting.


Maintains views without obstruction

When you sit outside, the fencing glass will give you a clear view of your surroundings, and you can sit down and enjoy your vicinity.


Easy to maintain

You can be worried about the cleanliness status of your fences, but fences such as infinity glass balustrades will not accumulate a lot of dirt. The reason is that the panels are raised from the ground giving you little work when cleaning.


Bespoke designs

Do you like projects that are to your liking? Then, infinity glass will be an excellent fit for you. Depending on the particular space that you need fencing, either on balconies or in the garden, you will receive a bespoke design to your liking.


Ensure the safety of your children

Glass fences come in either frame or frameless glass panels. In addition, there are options such as posts, handrails, and even base tracks to keep your mind at ease.


Increase property value

The fact that glass panels are see-through, your home will have an aesthetic contemporary, and modern vibe. So, you can be sure of admirers who want to gaze at your house and wish they could have such.


Maximise your space

Glass fences offer an unrestricted view in every area that you install. In your garden, they can make your gardening space look enormous because sunlight can stream in without any inhibitions. But, of course, you can always install glass panels in small areas to make them appear larger.


At Sunrock Balconies we create outdoor living rooms using infinity glass designed to your specifications.  We offer a complete end to end service from design to quotation to full installation for both residential and commercial customers.  We can also consult with your architect, contractors or tradesmen to get the best results for your balcony project.


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