Staircase Glass Balustrades

Sunrock are installing internal staircase glass balustrades on a Customers beautiful wooden staircase and mezzanine area / landing, thereby giving the inside of the property a modern update.

staircase glass balustrades

staircase glass balustrades

Each of the staircase balustrade sections has one long piece of toughened glass with a stainless steel handrail and stainless steel newel posts and fixings. Furthermore, there are many other options and configurations available, as we provide a bespoke service.

staircase glass balustrades with handrail

staircase glass balustrade with handrail

At the top of the staircase, the small mezzanine area is brought to life using infinity glass balustrades. In addition, the glass balustrades on the mezzanine area have fixings of stainless steel buttons for a very smart  look.

mezzanine glass balustrades

To request a quote for an internal glass balustrade for a staircase please contact us
Alternatively for external staircases with glass balustrades see Stairs and Steps

Balcony frame installation Accrington Lancashire

Balcony Framework

Sunrock Balconies design and build the Balcony Framework for any Balconies we install.

We are in the process of installing this balcony in Accrington Lancashire. We have built the steel balcony framework and have started installing on site, together with the spiral staircase which will give access to the balcony.

balcony framework

Wet Painting Balcony Frames

The images show progress so far, showing the custom made steel balcony frame which has been wet painted to colour match the woodwork on the house it is being attached to. The balcony legs are still covered in blue plastic to protect them, whilst they are set in concrete.

wet painted balcony frame acre prop to raise balcony framework

Acro props are being used to support the balcony whilst the legs are set in position.

See here for more information on bespoke balcony frames