Construction is changing, there is a move away from traditional building materials such as brick and stick frame construction towards more progressive materials that are energy efficient and easy to recycle.


Glass is an excellent example; it lets in more light and reduces power bills – it can also be broken down easily after use.

If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, it’s worth considering the innovations in glass technology as it offers some exciting potential. And if you have space for a balcony, make it a glass one that adds more value to your home.


Building Trends


Nowadays, there is a trend towards sustainability and efficiency in home construction. This is partly down to the cultural demand for more sustainable homes with less environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint. It’s also down to government initiatives in the same direction.

In response, the construction industry has adapted its approach and introduced new materials that fit the grade. Glass is one example. Using more glass in home construction allows more natural light into the home reducing power bills. Glass is also sustainable and easy to recycle.


The Benefits of Glass


Whether it’s more windows in your home, a skylight, or a glass balcony, using more glass in the construction of homes adds value and contributes to sustainability. Glass not only adds beauty to your home it also absorbs, refracts, and transmits light that can be used intelligently to increase comfort in the home and reduce energy consumption.

That’s not all; glass can be adapted in various ways to improve its performance. Windows, for instance, can be double glazed to reduce the amount of heat lost from home, and a glass balcony can help you save on carbon-producing building materials. They also let more light into the home.


Glass Innovations


Recent times have seen innovations in glass construction since the material offers such excellent sustainability potential. One example is sun protection glass which is made using a metallic overlay. This glass allows sunlight to enter the room without heating it up – it does this by retaining 80% of the infrared heat rays.

Another excellent innovation in glass technology that is still in developmental stages is the transparent solar cell. These solar cells will be built into the glass and provide the majority of energy for your home. A glass balcony that uses this technology only extends the power you can generate – and you can always sell the surplus back to the grid.


Glass Balconies


If you have space for a balcony in your home, it makes sense to build one. A balcony gives you extra floor space and an additional outdoor area that can be used for relaxing and socialising.

But why settle for a conventional brick balcony that blocks out the light.

Glass balconies allow more light into your home and more openness into your life. When you open the curtains in the morning, you can see far and wide instead of feeling blocked off and restricted. Furthermore, glass balconies are eco-friendlier and more progressive.


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