Juliet balcony systems offer enhanced aesthetics, make installation easy, require almost no maintenance, give the sense of security and, of course, are great value for money.

A Juliet balcony is a very narrow balcony or railing which sits just outside a window or pair of French doors on the upper storey of a building. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, glass and/or stainless steel, the possibilities are endless with a Juliet Balcony, no matter the properties period.

Juliet balconies are becoming an increasingly common feature of many UK properties, both old and new. One of the primary reasons for this is that they can typically be installed without the need for planning permission. In many cases this can remove the need for an architect to be involved, reducing costs. In addition, the balconies can usually be bolted to an existing wall, making them quick, cheap and easy to install.

“Elegant Solutions To
Building Control Regulations”

Whilst a Juliet balcony does not expand the floor space of a property, it can help to change how you use an existing space. By replacing windows with much larger French doors, the room is filled with light, often making it feel larger and more pleasant.

Here at Sunrock Balconies, we offer a wide range of stunning Juliet Balconies that are designed to be fixed across an opening (e.g. patio doors, french windows, bi-fold doors etc). Take a look at some examples below:

Infinity Glass Juliet Balcony

Sunrock Juliet balcony


We design our Infinity Glass Juliet Balconies to deliver unbroken views from your patio doors, French windows and bi-fold doors. 

When you open your doors you can let the light flood in with the security of knowing you and your family are completely safe.

A Sunrock Infinity Glass Juliet balcony will add a stunning design feature to your property and delivers an elegant solution to fully comply with UK Building Regulations.

The Hanley Glass & Stainless Steel Juliet Balcony


This design encases toughened glass between beautifully finished stainless steel top and bottom rails with matching fixings. The Hanley is usually fixed either side of the door opening but in some cases, it can be fixed straight to the window frame.

Striking Design Feature – The Hanley Juliet balcony will add a striking design feature to your property and delivers an innovative solution to comply with UK Building Regulations.



The Barbican Juliet Balcony

Bespoke Glass and Stainless Steel Juliet Balcony North Wales


A Barbican Juliet balcony is custom designed for the exact requirements of your door opening. The Barbican Juliet features stylish stainless steel uprights with matching stainless steel engineered fixings throughout and can be installed with or without a handrail.

The Barbican Glass & Stainless Steel Juliet balcony offers a flexibility of design which means we can find attractive solutions to tricky installations while still complying with UK Building Regulations.


Can we help?

Sunrock Balconies can usually provide a quote for a Juliet Balcony with just a few pieces of information from you:

  1. Which Sunrock Balconies Juliet design do you want?
  2. What is the opening size?
  3. What floor is it on?
  4. What is the Juliet being fixed too? (e.g. brick, timber, blockwork, rendered brick etc)

Have a look through our product range to get some more ideas, or if you are ready for the next step then request a quote today.

Get in touch – we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss a job you have in mind.