Sunrock Balconies - How to enhance your garden with glass

You can use a variety of materials to enhance your garden or outside space. Glass is one of the most versatile materials that you can use, both in practical and aesthetic ways.

It can create sleek lines and a contemporary feel, and it’s fantastic for increasing light and helping spaces to look bigger. If you want to use glass in your garden, you can install a range of features that have an impact on the look and feel of the space. Sunrock Balconies can offer you glass balconies and balustrades, as well as other glass products to help you make more of your garden.

Install a Water Feature

Water features are brilliant to add to any garden. They can help to create a more relaxing space, offering both a calming visual and sound. Glass water features are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a modern and sophisticated option for your garden. Consider a glass water wall, for example, where the water running down the wall can create rainbows as it catches the light. Or you might like a sphere of glass with water running down it, or perhaps a multifaceted glass water feature, where each piece feeds back into the others.

Have Glass Art or Sculptures

Art and sculptures are not just for inside your home. It’s also a good idea to add them to your garden, patio, terrace, or other outside space. There are many different things you can do with glass, both clear glass and coloured glass. Glass art outdoors often takes the form of sculpture, perhaps mixed with other materials such as certain metals or wood. You can choose something elegant and understated but effective, or maybe something bigger, more colourful, and even more powerful. Everyone has different tastes, so you have to find glass art that you enjoy.

Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are also a fantastic way to make use of glass outdoors. If you want to make your garden look bigger, the use of mirrors can help. Mirrors reflect the space around them and help it to look like there is more space for you to use. If you want to hang a mirror, you can find some beautiful traditional styles. However, you can also look for something more contemporary if you’re not a fan of arches or ornate frames. You could place a mirror at the end of your garden, at the head of your outdoor dining table, or somewhere else that will give the illusion of more space.

Install Glass Balustrades, Railings and Floors


Sunrock Balconies Enhance your garden with glass


Sunrock Balconies offers a range of glass products that you can use to improve not just the aesthetics of your garden, but also the functionality. Infinity glass balustrades allow you to install a barrier that doesn’t obstruct or obscure your view. The infinity glass is installed seamlessly to enhance your garden. Staircases and steps can be made more stylish with glass railings, and even glass floors on balconies can allow light to shine through to the space below.

Enhance your garden with glass to turn it into a more inviting space that you will want to use all year. To contact us or request an online quote, please click here.


Sunrock Balconies Make the most of your garden during lockdown 1

During the lockdown to protect us in the coronavirus outbreak, many people have found that their garden or balcony has been a godsend.

It provides somewhere to sit outside on sunny days and means that you’re not stuck inside even when you’re at home. If you’re lucky enough to have an outside space to use, knowing how to make the most of it will make your experience of lockdown more pleasant. While people are gradually returning to work and other activities, there’s no telling when we all might be able to get back to normal. In the meantime, it’s worth perfecting your outdoor space so you can make full use of it.

Add Additional Living Space


When you’re spending a lot of time at home, your home can start to feel smaller. However, when you have outdoor space, you can use it to the best of your ability to expand your home. Outdoor living space is a blessing when you want to get out of the house. It might be in the form of a patio or terrace, or perhaps a balcony. You can use outdoor living space to create somewhere to relax, eat, and drink and even cook, too, with an outdoor kitchen or barbecue.


Set Up Somewhere to Sit


Whether you have a small balcony or a sprawling terrace, somewhere to sit and enjoy your garden is essential. You can set up a seating area in several ways, whether it’s with a comfortable sofa, a bistro table and a couple of chairs, or a full dining set. When you’re deciding where to create a seating area, think about the view you will get, the position in relation to the sun and shade, and how you’re going to use the rest of the space that you have available. Choose furniture that’s comfortable and stylish, and designed for use outside.


Get a Great View


Sunrock Balconies Make the most of your garden during lockdown


Making the most of the view that you have is another great way to make full use of your garden. Using infinity glass for your balcony can help it look bigger and give you a better view. Having infinity glass balustrades installed by Sunrock Balconies will give you a completely frameless perimeter that enhances your outdoor space. You can also make changes to your garden to improve your view, such as trimming trees that might be blocking what you can see. You might not be able to change anything outside of your property line, but there are things that you can change.


Connect Indoors and Outdoors


Another way to make the most of your garden is to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. You can connect the two spaces so that they flow more seamlessly into each other. Now might not be the time for any major renovations, but you can still make your existing space flow more. Use a similar decor style both inside and outside, open up your doors, and be creative outdoors to create more of an indoor look.

When you make full use of your garden during lockdown, you can keep yourself occupied and have a great space to relax. If you are looking to expand your outdoor living space, then contact Sunrock Balconies for an on-line quote or to browse our fabulous products, please visit the website here