sunrock south proposed infinity balcony scheme east looe

Sunrock South balcony and balustrading installations in progress

Sunrock South have an exciting project in East Looe

The scheme is for a new build house which requires balconies to 3 floors. The context view of the balcony scheme is the image above.

We will be building and installing Infinity Glass Balconies each comprising: the steel platform and infinity glass balustrades, together with Millboard decking.

The steel is currently being fabricated, so we are in the early stages of this project.

Three Infinity Glass Balconies in Twickenham

Sunrock South have also started work renovating 3 balconies in Twickenham.

This has involved removal of all the old balustrading and fitting the frame work for the new glass & steel balustrades.  These are to be a square barbican balustrade that is powder coated white.

We shall be installing the glass later this week so look out for pictures (before and after) on the website soon!

Sunrock Balconies South offer a complete ‘end to end’ service from design to quotation to full installation of your dream balcony for the South of England and London.

Please Contact us or Request a Quote we are here to help!

spiral staircase with privacy glass balustrades

Balcony Privacy and Access – Bespoke Solutions

Sunrock balconies designed and installed this bespoke spiral staircase, together with this balcony privacy screening balustrade.

The external spiral staircase gives access to a beautiful infinity glass balcony.

In addition, the privacy glass balustrades at the entrance and along one side keep the balcony private, from the surrounding houses .

Balcony Privacy

Privacy for your balcony is easily achievable with a range of opaque glass balustrades. What is more, these can be of any height, thereby screening your balcony from any onlookers.

Balcony Access

We design our Spiral staircases to work in harmony with your balcony.  Furthermore we can quote as a bolt-on option to your balcony. As a result, you may find it surprising what good value these striking staircases can be!

Would you love a balcony but also have worries about privacy or access?

If so, Sunrock can help bring your dreams to reality with a bespoke design solution for your property.

So please Contact us or Request a Quote

balcony privacy

Balcony privacy – glass balustrades with privacy glass

external spiral staircase

Sunrock bespoke external spiral staircase

 beautiful infinity glass balcony

Leading to this beautiful Infinity Glass Balcony


design drawing longest glass balcony bolton

Sunrock Balconies have a prestigious contract to install the longest Infinity Glass Balustrade to date. It is also the single largest balcony (meters squared) that we are installing and will have multi-levels.

The project involves totally redesigning and refurbishing the existing balcony near Bolton in Lancashire.

longest balcony refurbishment bolton

Longest Infinity Glass Balustrade

The existing glass panels, which are currently set in a wooden balustrade, are being replaced with a long infinity glass balustrade. Together with all the composite decking and some new levels of balcony. In addition, these will have our infinity glass balustrades, plus steps to give better access. Finally there is also provision in the designs for additional balcony levels in the future.

Take a look at the design drawings below.

Phase 1 is now complete – see new images below

For more information on Sunrock Infinity Glass Balustradesdesign drawing longest glass balcony bolton

design drawing longest infinity glass balustrade

Phase 1 Complete

Images of the long stretch of infinity glass balustrading on the main balcony

long infinity glass balustrades bolton

With Millboard decking

phase 1 complete glass balcony bolton