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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly everyone across the globe.

But, as things slowly start to open up again and everyone begins to adjust to a new normal, people are looking for ways to reconnect with friends and family, relax, and have fun – especially during the summer months.

Thankfully, being in your outside space is a great way to enjoy company and stay safe – if you take the right measures to do so.

Before you enjoy time on your balcony, outdoor living room, or looking out over your infinity glass balustrades, it’s important to make sure your outdoor space is clean, sanitised, and protected from potential viruses.

It’s a relatively simple process you can repeat several times this summer to ensure you and your guests stay safe.


Declutter Your Space


A good rule of thumb is to completely empty your outdoor balcony of all furniture, plants, decor, etc. in order to have a clean slate. This will give you the opportunity to properly scrub and sanitise each individual piece, and you won’t have to “work around” items as you wash the deck itself, or the infinity glass that surrounds it.


When you move everything off of your balcony, you also have the chance to clear away any dust and debris. While these things might not spread viruses, they can be harmful to people with respiratory issues. Start your cleaning from the top of the balcony and work your way down.


As often as possible, sanitise anything your family or guests will come in contact with on your balcony or outdoor living room. You can use an easy solution of one part bleach to one part water to sterilise most outdoor surfaces with a mop or sponge.


Keeping Your Guests Safe


In addition to keeping things as clean and sanitised as possible, it’s still important to take proper precautions when gathering in groups. While being outside is helpful and reduces the risk of exposure, it doesn’t completely prevent it.

So, while you might want to reconnect with friends and family, keep your gatherings small and in line with Government guidance. Try to limit your outdoor events to only a few people, if possible. Keep bottles of hand sanitiser available in different spots around your outdoor space for your guests to use as often as they would like.


Additionally, you can make small changes that could make a big difference. For instance, label cups or glasses for each guest so there is no confusion when it comes to drinks. Instead of offering a ‘buffet-style’ option for food, offer pre-made plates, or serve your guests yourself. If people have to go inside to use the bathroom, encourage only one or two people in the house at once.


It’s exciting to be able to spend time outside again with the people you love. But, it is still important for everyone to remain diligent. At Sunrock Balconies, no one loves spending time on a beautiful infinity glass balcony more than us! But, we want to make sure all of our customers, our friends, and our families, remain safe in the wake of this pandemic. Keep these tips in mind throughout the summer to make sure anyone who enjoys your outdoor space stays healthy.

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