glass steel balustrades firestone rubber roofing

How to fix balustrades to Firestone Rubber Roofing

Sunrock solve the problem of how to fix balustrades to Firestone Rubber Roofing, a single ply membrane used to waterproof a flat roof.

Creating a balcony or decking area using glass balustrades with stainless steel posts on a flat roof with a Firestone rubber roof, or any other waterproof membrane, has its problems.

Care must be taken not to pierce the waterproof membrane otherwise it will compromise the warranty. Which means that we can’t attach the steel posts ¬†on top of the Firestone rubber membrane.


To get round this, Sunrock fix balustrades to Firestone rubber roofing by using longer stainless steel posts. These attach to the wall below. In this case a rendered wall on one side and on the other, a gutter board.

fix balustrades to firestone rubber roofing

fix glass balustrades to firestone rubber roofing

Furthermore, this will work with any type of waterproof flat roof / membrane. Please always seek the advice of your Builder.

Do you prefer Infinity glass balustrades rather than our Barbican glass and stainless steel balustrades? If so, we now have a method of attaching the infinity glass to a waterproofed flat roof using a special fixing ‘The Infinity Glass Blok‘ that allows water to run off and does not attach directly / pierce the waterproof roof.