This blog post discusses the importance of sourcing a compliant glass balustrading system for your building.

Balustrades are an essential safety feature on many buildings, but they must meet all the standards to ensure that they do not present any danger to those who use them. This blog post will discuss some of the critical points you need to look out for when searching for a compliant balustrade system.

Facts about glass balustrading

  • Lengths of glass balustrades must be between 1200mm-1500mm. So it’s 2008m long, how many metres are there in that length?
  • Glass posts should wrap around the entire post and extend at least 50cm past the end. What is this called when you have a square or rectangle piece of wood at an end-post?
  • Glass balustrade posts should be more than 900mm apart. How many metres are there in that distance before you start walking again?

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Keep reading to learn the tips for sourcing the best glass balustrading systems.

Building Regulations for Glass Balustrades

The building regulations play an essential role when sourcing a glass balustrade system. As mentioned earlier, some regulations include that the glass balustrades must be 1200mm-1500mm in length. In addition, the posts must extend 50cm past the end of the post and should not be more than 900mm apart.

The types of materials that you can use for a compliant glass balustrade system also varies, but you need to check whether they meet these requirements.

Conformity To BS 6180:2011

The BS 6180:2011 is a standard that covers the design and construction of glass balustrades in buildings. Your contractors need to meet the required standards when designing, constructing, or installing all types of building materials, including metalwork for windows and doors, steel frames, aluminium glazing systems as well as staircases, and others.

Wind Load and Structural Calculations

You must take the wind load into account when designing a compliant glass balustrade system. It would help if you also considered the structural calculations to ensure the safety of those who use it and that it is structurally sound enough for all types of weather conditions.

How Suitable Are the Materials Being Used for the Location and Building?

Glass balustrades are suitable for most types of buildings, but you need to make sure that the materials you use suit the location and type of building. For example, experts do not recommend using steel in coastal areas due to corrosion risk factors such as salt spray and seawater containing corrosive metal.

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