Your balcony is the perfect place to relax and unwind, so ideally it should be a private space.

There are plenty of ways to create a private balcony that will also help accentuate its unique design. You can block views using temporary solutions such as tall plants and privacy screens. These are ideal if you want to combine beautiful infinity glass balustrades with attractive accessories.

You don’t necessarily need to make changes to the structure. Instead, find ways to incorporate your privacy solutions into the atmosphere you want to create, whether it’s a sensory garden or tropical paradise. Here are a few ways to increase privacy on your balcony.





There are several types of plants which will add privacy to your balcony as well as a lovely touch of greenery. Climbers, such as jasmine for example, are perfect. Jasmine will also fill your balcony with a gorgeous scent. You could build a vertical garden using a trellis or recycled wood and the climbers will grow upwards. Another simple solution is to plant small trees in pots and strategically position them to block curious looks. Don’t forget to prune your privacy plants at the top to allow in plenty of sunlight.


Privacy screens


Privacy screens are a stylish solution, and you can choose the design that best suits the overall look you want to create. There are plenty of designs available and you can choose between fabric to bamboo or even faux ivy. Privacy screens are practical as well as attractive and can be moved around according to the weather and time of day. Privacy screens often attach to railings or come as portable on their own rail. The movable type will work as a good combination with infinity glass or walled balconies.





You can create extra storage on your balcony which will also add privacy. Upturned crates or used wooden pallets nailed together actually make a lovely shelving unit. The gaps between the wood will allow the light through but provide enough coverage. You could decorate the shelves with a few smaller plants and eye-catching accessories. Sturdy rattan or wicker boxes can double up as seating, as well as adding privacy. You can set them up at the side of the balcony and use them for outdoor storage.




A garden trellis will give your balcony a beautiful backdrop. There are many types to choose from. You can attach climbing plants such as ivy for a traditional look or choose a wooden trellis with an abstract or unique design. Trellis is made with the intention of adding privacy while still letting the light through, so they’re ideal for your balcony.


No matter how small your balcony is, it has plenty of design potential. Whether you have an open space with modern infinity glass balustrades, or more traditional railings, you can find creative ways to add privacy. If you would like more tips and advice on how to create the perfect balcony with infinity glass, check out the blog.


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