glass juliet balcony South Wales

Glass Juliet Balcony South Wales

Sunrock Balconies supply and install this Infinity Glass Juliet Balcony South Wales.

The stone clad house has upstairs french windows, which need the installation of a juliet balcony to conform to building regulations.

As a result, we attach the frameless glass juliet balcony to the stone mullion frame which surrounds the french windows.

The fixings are marine grade stainless steel buttons.

glass juliet balcony south wales fixed to stone

In addition, you may wish to see more installations of Infinity glass juliet balconies by Sunrock Balconies

Furthermore, we can install anywhere in South Wales please contact us

glass steel balustrades firestone rubber roofing

How to fix balustrades to Firestone Rubber Roofing

Sunrock solve the problem of how to fix balustrades to Firestone Rubber Roofing, a single ply membrane used to waterproof a flat roof.

Creating a balcony or decking area using glass balustrades with stainless steel posts on a flat roof with a Firestone rubber roof, or any other waterproof membrane, has its problems.

Care must be taken not to pierce the waterproof membrane otherwise it will compromise the warranty. Which means that we can’t attach the steel posts  on top of the Firestone rubber membrane.


To get round this, Sunrock fix balustrades to Firestone rubber roofing by using longer stainless steel posts. These attach to the wall below. In this case a rendered wall on one side and on the other, a gutter board.

fix balustrades to firestone rubber roofing

fix glass balustrades to firestone rubber roofing

Furthermore, this will work with any type of waterproof flat roof / membrane. Please always seek the advice of your Builder.

Do you prefer Infinity glass balustrades rather than our Barbican glass and stainless steel balustrades? If so, we now have a method of attaching the infinity glass to a waterproofed flat roof using a special fixing ‘The Infinity Glass Blok‘ that allows water to run off and does not attach directly / pierce the waterproof roof.

Infinity glass balustrades with new Blok fixing

The Infinity Glass Blok

Sunrock have added a new type of fixing for Infinity glass balustrades – The Infinity Glass Blok

This new stainless steel fixing Blok allows water off waterproof flat roofs. Furthermore, it is a more minimal design than Infinity Glass Buttons, which allows the glass to be the star rather than the fixings.

Infinity glass balustrades with new Blok fixing

Infinity glass balustrades with new Blok fixing

glass balustrades with Blok fixing


Normal fixing for Infinity glass balustrades is in a channel. This is usually top or face fix directly onto the balcony or patio/decking area. So up until now, Sunrock could not attach these frameless glass balustrades to a waterproof flat roof, as water can’t run off on.

However, this new ‘Blok’ type of fixing solves the problem by allowing water to drain off. This is achievable because the Infinity glass blok holds the glass balustrade away from the edge of the building, therefore letting the water drain off rather than trapping it.

Infinity glass Blok

Infinity glass Blok

Infinity glass Blok fixing

Infinity glass Blok fixing for Glass Balustrades

So now we can install Infinity Glass Balustrades onto a waterproof flat roof. If you prefer to have glass and stainless steel balustrades on your waterproofed flat roof balcony we can solve that problem too – please contact us

Here are some examples of the new fixing

infinity glass balustrade steel block fixing

An example of the stainless steel block fixing for infinity glass balustrades

barbican glass balustrades grannys bay lytham

Sunrock Update Balconies on Seafront Apartments in Lytham St Annes

Using the latest Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrades, Sunrock transforms these seafront balconies with this modern update.

The project, updating the 12 seafront balconies, over 4 floors on apartments in Grannys Bay previously looked like this:

Old balcony balustrades on seafront apartments in Grannys Bay, Lytham St Annes

and now looks like this!

update balconies on seafront apartments lytham

Furthermore, the apartments on the ground floor have balconies with glass and steel balustrades with no handrail, while the first, second and third floors have balconies with steel handrails.

Staircase Glass Balustrades

Sunrock are installing internal staircase glass balustrades on a Customers beautiful wooden staircase and mezzanine area / landing, thereby giving the inside of the property a modern update.

staircase glass balustrades

staircase glass balustrades

Each of the staircase balustrade sections has one long piece of toughened glass with a stainless steel handrail and stainless steel newel posts and fixings. Furthermore, there are many other options and configurations available, as we provide a bespoke service.

staircase glass balustrades with handrail

staircase glass balustrade with handrail

At the top of the staircase, the small mezzanine area is brought to life using infinity glass balustrades. In addition, the glass balustrades on the mezzanine area have fixings of stainless steel buttons for a very smart  look.

mezzanine glass balustrades

To request a quote for an internal glass balustrade for a staircase please contact us
Alternatively for external staircases with glass balustrades see Stairs and Steps

Balcony frame installation Accrington Lancashire

Balcony Framework

Sunrock Balconies design and build the Balcony Framework for any Balconies we install.

We are in the process of installing this balcony in Accrington Lancashire. We have built the steel balcony framework and have started installing on site, together with the spiral staircase which will give access to the balcony.

balcony framework

Wet Painting Balcony Frames

The images show progress so far, showing the custom made steel balcony frame which has been wet painted to colour match the woodwork on the house it is being attached to. The balcony legs are still covered in blue plastic to protect them, whilst they are set in concrete.

wet painted balcony frame acre prop to raise balcony framework

Acro props are being used to support the balcony whilst the legs are set in position.

See here for more information on bespoke balcony frames

Glass balustrades in the Lake District

Glass Balustrades in the Lake District

Sunrock Balconies install Glass Balustrades in the Lake District at Barrow Golf Club, Barrow-in-Furness.

Which they say “is a jewel set amidst the splendor of the Lake District and the beauty of the Furness peninsula”.

Built on a top of a low brick wall on the verandah, the glass balustrades have stainless steel uprights between each panel of toughened glass.  Sunrock Barbican balustrades can have a steel top rail / handrail, but in this instance to maximise the view it wasn’t necessary.

Glass Balustrades in the Lake District

Because of the elevated position, overlooking the Duddon estuary and the Lake District mountains, these glass balustrades in the Lake District allow members and visitors to the championship golf course, to view it in all its glory.  Meanwhile, those viewing will have protection from any winds.

You can see more information on Sunrock Barbican Stainless Steel & Glass Balustrades or Contact Us

Furthermore in coastal positions with extremely strong winds, Sunrock can fix for extra stability – see Coastal Glass Balustrades

steel & glass balustrades lake district
infinity glass balustrades north wales

Infinity Glass Balustrades North Wales

This installation of Infinity Glass Balustrades North Wales by Sunrock Balconies, at the front and rear of this North Wales house and garden, gives it a stunning makeover.

Furthermore, the use of additional glass infinity balustrades creates different areas throughout the property. Therefore giving shelter and views from wherever you are in the garden and patio area.

In addition, a pizza oven is built in a sunken area with infinity glass balustrades surrounding it.  This creates a stunning barbecue area at the back of this North Wales home.


Infinity Glass Balustrades North Wales pizza oven

Infinity Glass Balustrade North Wales showing top of pizza oven

north wales infinity glass balustrades

North Wales Infinity Glass Balustrades

frameless glass balustrades north wales

Frameless glass balustrades North Wales

For more information on Installing an Infinity Glass Balustrade in North Wales please Contact Us


sunrock south proposed infinity balcony scheme east looe

Sunrock South balcony and balustrading installations in progress

Sunrock South have an exciting project in East Looe

The scheme is for a new build house which requires balconies to 3 floors. The context view of the balcony scheme is the image above.

We will be building and installing Infinity Glass Balconies each comprising: the steel platform and infinity glass balustrades, together with Millboard decking.

The steel is currently being fabricated, so we are in the early stages of this project.

Three Infinity Glass Balconies in Twickenham

Sunrock South have also started work renovating 3 balconies in Twickenham.

This has involved removal of all the old balustrading and fitting the frame work for the new glass & steel balustrades.  These are to be a square barbican balustrade that is powder coated white.

We shall be installing the glass later this week so look out for pictures (before and after) on the website soon!

Sunrock Balconies South offer a complete ‘end to end’ service from design to quotation to full installation of your dream balcony for the South of England and London.

Please Contact us or Request a Quote we are here to help!

spiral staircase with privacy glass balustrades

Balcony Privacy and Access – Bespoke Solutions

Sunrock balconies designed and installed this bespoke spiral staircase, together with this balcony privacy screening balustrade.

The external spiral staircase gives access to a beautiful infinity glass balcony.

In addition, the privacy glass balustrades at the entrance and along one side keep the balcony private, from the surrounding houses .

Balcony Privacy

Privacy for your balcony is easily achievable with a range of opaque glass balustrades. What is more, these can be of any height, thereby screening your balcony from any onlookers.

Balcony Access

We design our Spiral staircases to work in harmony with your balcony.  Furthermore we can quote as a bolt-on option to your balcony. As a result, you may find it surprising what good value these striking staircases can be!

Would you love a balcony but also have worries about privacy or access?

If so, Sunrock can help bring your dreams to reality with a bespoke design solution for your property.

So please Contact us or Request a Quote

balcony privacy

Balcony privacy – glass balustrades with privacy glass

external spiral staircase

Sunrock bespoke external spiral staircase

 beautiful infinity glass balcony

Leading to this beautiful Infinity Glass Balcony